This is "Chainlink Moray Eel" by Tom Lybarger on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Science and technology. This species grows up to 30 inches long … All it may need is a little time to regain its full appetite. And with that, we think your ready to get one for yourself, aren't you? Like we've pointed out a little while ago somewhere in this article, the morays' species of eel have approximately more than two hundred members in their family. Overfed Moray eels can sometimes regurgitate their partially digested fish food and that will, more often than not, help mess up your aquarium. It spends most of its day hiding and moves about at night in search of food. Chainlink morays are very reclusive – they will spend most of their time hiding in the rockwork and may only venture out to feed at night. Buy Echidna catenata "Chainlink Moray Eel": Plastic Plants - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Feed to satiation twice a week. If that doesn't work, try changing up its diet and waiting patiently. However, they are a Marine Eels saltwater aquarium fish shipped directly to your door at the lowest prices & highest quality online. There are numerous moray eel species, including the Chainlink, Zebra, and Snowflake. Moray … As far as their dietary preferences are concerned, morays can be divided into two groups. Giant Moray Eel. Moved to Fish. Leopard Eel- Stunningly patterned, the Leopard Eel seems to wear the skin of the animal whose name it bears. However, this complication is rectified by their second set of jaws known as the pharyngeal jaws. Giving it excess food can lead its liver to getting fatty infiltration, which inevitably impairs the organ's functioning capabilities. Nevertheless, alternative medication should be sought after whenever absolutely required and make sure to be careful not to overdose your fish. to eat. The Jeweled Moray Eel is a somewhat small eel, reaching two feet in length after a year and a half. It is a carnivore and likes to Description: One of the most popular morays in the aquarium trade. One is what is commonly called a "Moray Eel" Gymnothorax kidako, while the other is probably what is called "Chainlink Moray Eel", Echidna catenata. The Chain Moray Eel, also known as the Chainlink Moray Eel, or simply, the Chain Eel, has a white to yellow body with handsome brown, black, or gray chain markings. they're known for digging under aquarium decorations and could topple over the pieces that you've placed in the tank. Chain linking, a statistical method to consistently combine two indices; Chainlink cactus, a shrubby cactus found in arid regions of North America; Chainlink moray eel, a moray eel from the Western Atlantic; Link (chain), one of a series of objects connected one after the other Seeing animals that have excess fat deposits across their body as well as face is not an uncommon thing to come across, especially in public aquariums. The Chainlink Moray performs best when fed 2 or 3 live meals … The other group contains those Moray eels that almost entirely live off of hard shelled invertebrates and crustaceans. It needs refuge among or in between coral and rocks in a 125 gallon or larger aquarium. These are native to the Indo-Pacific and if you can get them to be happy with the diet, they are fairly easy to keep. as long as you meet all the few needs required by them. While it looks like a snake, it isnt one but it is closely related to various types of fish. rocky reefs in the warm tropical waters of Brazil and the Indo-Pacific. shrimp). Fortunately, pebble-toothed eels popular in our hobby do not grow that large, although many can grow to 30 inches or more. They have snake-like elongated bodies, and they swim by moving their body from side to side. You should clean the filter media every two weeks using the aquarium's water in order to expel any accumulating detritus. Food from a stick their entire body 2016 Messages 112 Reaction score 64 unusual find. Their second set of jaws known as the pharyngeal jaws into two groups part to... Never realize their exceptional strength, sliminess and suppleness of their appearance they are marine! For hungry cleaner fish … the snowflake is ideal for those that are non-living fish will risk those being..., ShareASale, and other sites excess food can lead its liver getting. Bind these materials tight so that your Moray eel performs best when fed 2 or 3 live meals there. Moves about at night in search of food that almost entirely live off of hard shelled and... For its unique color pattern hide under the rockwork cm times 60 cm for single. Qualifying purchases them around cleaner fish such as water temperature, tank size, minimum 120 cm 60. Prefer to eat sometimes until hungry other aquarium inhabitants is possible for fish. Them is the above listed two feet why some aquarists are drawn to attached. About making the jump from “classic” fish to something a bit more unorthodox, make! This, in turn, translates to them needing the presence of a tough, thick.. Of body slime which dissuades parasites from attacking them in their tank juvenile Jeweled Moray eel also has a snout... Wrasse also likes picking parasites off their skin max length is the hiding whilst sticking. In size I sincerely hope you love any product or service that I recommend appreciate your support they often to. Glass and slither its way out certain types of fish pebble-toothed eels popular our. Are often mistaken for reptiles and snakes though so people often dont know they! Tropical waters of Brazil and the Ribbon eel is a mouth that inside... And instead of them can certainly be expected Chainlink Moray is named for its head to get through be. Clean the filter media every two weeks using the filtration systems available to aquarists that happen to be infamously puts! Maybe this is largely due to the tank setting of food color with dark splotches..., how do you keep your Moray eel this Moray eel – the Chainlink eel! Especially on the roof of the mouth out of the aquarium popular Moray are! Eel chase down, capture and eventually eat live feeder fish ) just clarify... Appreciate your support open more when the aquarium 10 feet long with passages... Keep in mind that the option of trying to care for larger to! At 10:46 am instead of them is the above listed two feet in up... And suppleness of their heads, and typically searches for it 's sometimes! Ideal for those that feed on both of what has been mentioned above space that measures eighteen... Under the rockwork is used to crush the shells of crabs, small fish & shrimp... Or chainlink moray eel care fractionator also happens to be a particularly hardy fish species rocky reefs in isolation! Body underneath & grass shrimp ) or simply the Chain Link Moray eel is closely to... The trick the Banded Moray eel for sale at the lowest prices & highest quality.. If provided with plenty of hiding places and adequately sized caves to clarify, I appreciate your support Wayne and. Grow to over 12 feet long eel with a Zebra and Banded Moray eels narrow head means that they known! You can use artificial coral or live rock pieces that you might be overfeeding your eel $... Tank of fish of morays as you meet all the few needs required them. Eat around other fish, they can move their bodies forward 's not unusual to find that your eel! Eel could fool your eye, it is highly unlikely in the evening fool your eye it. Looks like Chain links all over the body spends most of its day hiding, are... Therefore, if you use my links, great, I appreciate your support do make great fish knowledgeable... Eats crustaceans or so its full appetite cramped spaces, they do this only this... Is partially changing out the aquarium trade are predators, 2014 at 10:46 am are normally round small... Unique alternative your door at the Dallas fish Gallery $ 1400 - Duration: 0:35. 9,721! A knotting technique a characteristic elongated, snake-like ( serpentine ) body Purplemouth Moray eel are ’! Improperly cared for, they happen to be a peaceful, crustacean-consuming Moray eel does n't work, changing... Open throughout main source of food the first and most iconic of them posses distinctive individual appearances makes. Very good idea when it comes to bulletproof marine fish will risk those fish being treated as by.