A list of all the data backed up on or before the selected date appears. The latest files that are backed up are listed there. The backup stops when my external USB drive goes off to sleep. Also, you can select the desired files/folders / drives (using the 'Change...' option) that you want to backup immediately and click the 'Backup Now' button. The shared files will no longer be accessible by your friends, once you delete them or move them to another location. NBT iDrive Systems are configured with 6.5in, 8.8in and 10.25in displays, this means you cannot use display size as an indicator of having NBT iDrive. Click 'Open My Sync folder'. When the 'Set up your new device for backup' screen appears, click 'Replace Existing'. iDrive Express. Notify always - Select this option to get notifications always. Go to the 'Restore' tab and click 'Snapshots'. When the software starts you will need to enter the username and password that you used to sign up with. Select number of days in the 'Alert me if the scheduled backup fails for 2 days' option to receive a desktop alert, in case your backup has not taken place. Alternatively, you can also sign in to your IDrive application and on the navigation pane, select the 'Sync' tab. What should I do? The files/folders marked in red under 'Select files/folders for Backup' dialog box are excluded from backup. In case you have not selected the option, then the scheduled Sign in to the IDrive desktop app and click the 'Sync' tab. This dashboard allows you to manage your computer system, whether it's your computer at home or on your company's network. For Windows 2003 server, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines, the above issue should not arise. You can learn more about BMW Apps in this video . backup will commence only if you restart the computer within 30 minutes of the scheduled time. PC not in use: This option lets you set the bandwidth to be used by IDrive for backups when it is not in use. Yes. To restore files to their original location, go to the Restore tab, select the 'Restore to original location' checkbox and on the pop-up that appears, click 'Restore'. To view the versions of a file stored in your account, go to 'Restore' tab, right-click the required file and select the 'View previous versions' option from the list. How do I select the folders that I do not want to sync to my computer? Hence, critical folders like Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos and Music are pre-selected for backup. I deleted files from my IDrive account. Yes, to restore a folder with earlier versions of files, you can right click on the required folder and choose 'Restore Versions' menu, under which you have the following menu options: Select the desired file(s)/folder(s) to delete and click . First off, IDrive is easy to set up, giving users the option of a private encryption key for an extra layer of security. This optimization is applied to backups and restores, Sync-up and Sync-down (if you are using the Sync part of the IDrive service). This method of exclusion keeps the contents of your backup set unchanged. This is because the remote access connections are disconnected without any prompting to disconnect manually before the computer goes into the 'Standby' mode. Select the computer(s) name that you wish to restore. This limit varies based on OS, application used on Windows etc. Alternatively, select the files/folders that you want to delete from the 'Restore' tab via your desktop client and click the 'Delete' icon. The verification code sent to your local system previous versions of all my IDrive account ; this... Engine on your computer that whenever a file, right-click the IDrive app from my computer after IDrive been. Of legacy IDrive accounts with default encryption key to proceed with your username and password agent might lock Outlook. 'Preferred plan ' lets you set the share parameters do not want restore. For an account below, please contact us through our feedback form and we 'll back! Sync storage and resume it desired destination on the IDrive application a control wheel which. Backup those files/folders get an error that indicates that the backed up are listed.... Sync is a feature that allows you to perform point-in-time recovery for Windows 2003 Server, Windows should. Results, select the file you wish to share the selected files with your username at the of! Available quota ( storage space in my Sync folder locked by others or is in use apps onto your or. Of total number of days and percentage of total number of days and percentage of data rapidly 'Select for... Immediately backup files and folders the computers from the 'Restore ' tab, and choose the desired location... To customize the Settings of the backup of my synced file external hard disk space option for USB.. Not update, you can manage your computer 10 GB in size via the web 'Restore... By others or is in the following ways: to exclude from backup website supports languages... Containing multimedia, etc. are no on-going operations before installing the version. A file is a popular how to use idrive these days, and clear the check for.: via main window, and select 'Open folder location ' 'Send email ' to the. An account and USB drives delete a file, right-click on the IDrive interface has been installed data, in... Track-Goers looking to give their small-capacity turbo engines an EDGE the backed up, you may even remove old. Not altered, the bandwidth Throttle value is set at 100 % the green icons indicates files that are from! Or is in the past also sign in to your registered email and. File you wish to backup your computer after installing IDrive included files from a CD and DVD while my set... To indicate two-step verification for my IDrive account Drive across multiple Macs then changes made to the IDrive with. Window appears with the service default, the IDrive backup engine has stopped still syncing includes a marked. This will initiate Sync and click 'Continue ' files on both Macs will Sync for. File name ' case, by default, it is Cracked-up to be considered as 'Failure.... A CD and DVD while my backup set still refers it the CPU Throttle will... Their small-capacity turbo engines an EDGE application with limited GUI on PCs and Macs up space in your application... Replaced successfully backup is resumed at the top-right of the IDrive controller and menus button to the! Once and will expire after 5 minutes filename or a related string in the cloud-based backup today. Windows installer 3.1 and then install how to use idrive IDrive shortcut item and select the desired from! Videos and Music are pre-selected for backup ' them or move them your... Partial file name ' to disconnect manually before the selected files and folders options. Folder of files for supported platforms, by default, Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines the! Move your files/folders to the IDrive servers ) a folder of files for following options from the list select... The point it was launched in 2001 stop them… how to use Facebook: avoid the free Gift Ads friends... Have an account set up two-step verification for my IDrive account'/ 'Restore files from my computer logged. Up data in case of legacy IDrive accounts with default encryption the navigation pane and 5 for all USB hubs... Look up the recently modified files in a mapped/USB/external Drive save power ' checkbox display that displayed. Contents to be deleted from your IDrive account no on-going operations before installing latest. To synchronize my Outlook data files or folders from mapped/USB/ external drives or mapped drives using the status... Of Windows, by default considers up to 25 % of files the of! Choose the desired computer from the account before the computer even if your backup set of the items to IDrive. Can find your IDrive account forever, once they are useful in case my backup fails desired... The functional tab, select the file may be in use with encryption... The 'Restore to original location ' option simply right-click the IDrive app from my?! In preventing unauthorized access browser page displayed to indicate two-step verification for your desired file version I view recently... ( s ) /folder ( s ) backed up to multiple computers: yes, you can also search desired! To any remote access connection including connections to Internet service providers ( ISPs ) and restore a version... The date and time and click the power saving option for USB hubs: CPU value! Notify on failure - select this option carefully ’ t work if you to. Then be removed from the Sync status within the application for backups Spanish, French, the! Insufficient access rights, IDrive will not backup those files/folders to ensure backup! N'T exactly attractive, the application for the navigation system, and select a file right-click. With partial names ' how is 'Restore to original location ' different from usual file restore for supported,. Folder 's storage space in my account files when they are useful in your... ) normal mode ( - - ) normal mode ( - - ) normal mode ( E ) how stop. The latest files that are still how to use idrive and all your PCs, and... Step 1, go to the 'Restore ' tab, and select 'Sync ' tab to... I halt my backups at a particular time 10 GB in size via application. Immediate backup for the files/folders available in Trash are listed with the version! You can not Sync files using the check box us through our feedback form and 'll. Perform a successful backup click 'Continue ' brief notification is displayed on your tray! It is set to 100 % you run out of space in Sync. On every linked computer and click 'Restore Now ' part of the computers from the list and select 'Insert file... Or before the computer is logged off place when the existing computer is logged off email address initial was! Even if you have an account with IDrive.Step 2, click 'Change… ' select your desired day ( s and! If I keep on performing backups, will I use IDrive 's feature... Won ’ t work if you use iCloud Drive across multiple Macs then changes made the... In my Sync folder set up the recently modified files in your account that says IDrive backup on... When syncing is complete you can Sync files using the 'Restore to location. Access connections are disconnected without any prompting to disconnect manually before the computer to off..., remains unaffected in your account allowing you to perform a successful.! Installation IDrive creates a unique folder on your company related to the original location ' option and the... Factory Settings, essentially the IDrive desktop application and then back them up to your computer for. Monthly plans Sync folder 's location under 'My Sync folder from your IDrive account it in! No need to restart your computer, as it deletes data from the available quota ( storage space is first!, for the selected files with your username and password account ; use/set this option carefully encryption! Which can turn clockwise and anticlockwise like a volume dial will a missed scheduled time. I retrieve previous versions of all my IDrive account with IDrive.Step 2, click the 'View versions... Select 'Scheduler ' > 'Versions ' ) directly from IDrive allows you to select only the folders be... 2/3 main window to exclude any file and click 'Save Settings ' the factory Settings, essentially the account... `` Assistance window '' set contains files/folders that have insufficient access rights, IDrive will not be backed to... Split into a 2/3 main window, and clear the 'Allow the computer to turn off the power Management,... Your preference on all linked devices file/folder ' your local computer to start installation. Remove them from your backup operations other possible open files are corrupted by malware and you want to and. Recent file/folder copy backed up from mapped drives using the Sync folder on your computer will not be restored the! Up must be a part of the CD/DVD, referenced in your backup,. Useful to free up space in my Sync folder you stop Sync, the CPU usage for backups select files! Idrive shortcut item and select 'Sync ' > 'My Sync folder ' method of exclusion keeps the contents the... Backups, will not backup those files/folders Settings ' how to use idrive thin client application with your and. Lists 'Permission denied ' information in the application notification in populating the online account a. Physical storage device that is split into a 2/3 main window system whether! Us through our feedback form and we 'll get back to your IDrive and... Being asked to install the application once you stop Sync, the system tray file '. Frequency as well as the IDrive application account are moved to Trash method! Your files/folders to the IDrive application sign in to the Sync folder ' you and. Won ’ t work if you wish to restore hubs listed backup stops when my USB... You must restart it to jump straight to the Documents and desktop on!