NC (vo): And this is when the manager comes in, like... NC: (as the manager, pointing) Fired. Are you insane?! Tags: channel-awesome, nostalgia-critic-tie, nostalgia-critic, tgwtg, tie Available in Plus Size T-Shirt. Thimple: (after crushing another model) Oh, no! NC (vo; as Henry): Man, we hosted everybody here. NC (vo): They make it to Country Bear Hall, but it looks like no one showed up because their agent made a deal with Walken and didn't promote them. NC (vo): They go to pick up the last member of the band, but accidentally get the wrong house. Thimple: (stammers sarcastically) Wha...? (The bus goes through a car wash, as well as the officers' police car). NC (vo): But the Gravity Falls cops show up and chase them down. The trio realize they've been tricked and knock on the door) Critic! Well, at this creatively bankrupt point in their lives, they were really big into turning their rides into movies. It's aware that a lot of people watching are simply tuning in to see how goddamn crazy it gets. Zeb claims Ted to be the reason for the band's disestablishment, but Ted says that he held them together and that no one was grateful, as the other members were all busy letting their personalities and habits get in the way). But I can say I smiled throughout the whole thing, because the humor isn't in the intentional jokes in the foreground, but rather the unintentional jokes in the background. (Shock!) (as the patron) Goddamn it! (As Rip speaks to the Bears, Thimple makes a weird expression that looks like he's trying to act being surprised that the Bears are here). 22:10 N/A January 22nd, 2019 414 The Black Cauldron (1985) It's called the film that almost killed Disney, but how much of this animated black sheep is good and how much is not? NC (vo): The Bears get into an argument about why the band broke up to begin with, and Beary...I guess, just now realizes he should go back home, resulting in this beautifully, awkwardly staged moment. (NC looks on in confusion as Malcolm and Jim slowly approach the nervous Tamara, who realizes she slipped up). NC: (looking somber) to the Christopher Walken scenes. NC (vo): I mean, he is still...a bear. OOOOWWW!! We're really old. 1 MOVIES OF THE 1950s & EARLIER 2 MOVIES OF THE 1960s 3 MOVIES OF THE 1970s 4 MOVIES OF THE 1980s 5 MOVIES OF THE 1990s 6 MOVIES OF THE 2000s 7 MOVIES OF THE 2010s 8 TELEVISION SHOWS 9 PROGRAMMING … This, of course, leads to the line that brought a torn nation together. Country Bears. Beary Berrington - Robin the Frog Ted Bedderhead- Trixie St. Claire - Tennessee O'Neal - Big Al - Fred Bedderhead - Henry Dixton Taylor - Zeb Zuber - Gobo Fraggle (Fraggle Rock) Officer Cheets - Angry Video Game Nerd Officer Hamm - Nostalgia Critic Roadie - McZee (3D Movie Maker) Mr. Chicken - Pingu Mr. … After that, the restock box ships regular-sized products at regular price. (The Nostalgia Critic sits at his desk looking bored and resting his head on his hand) NC: Hello, I’m the Nostalgia Critic. / Of course you have a line! (An arrow points to one audience member having a deadpan expression on his face) He...he's just not into it. Back to the film, where Zeb wins the duel, as Setzer congratulates him). But it could've used Steve Martin saying... Navin R. Johnson (from The Jerk; dubbed over Beary): You mean I'm gonna stay this color? Jim: Wait. Reed Thimple: Six years? OOOOWWW!! Announcer: The Country Bears officially broke up after the '91 Hibernation Tour. Well believe it or not, Nostalgia Critic finds a few things right in, The Country Bears. NC (vo): Even this musical number, which I just said before I don't really get into in this film, is freaking hilarious because they play it so straight! NC: You know, people never tell you this is what... (Footage from The Shining (1980) is shown). NC (vo): You know, it's like it finally hit him. (The Bears gasp) We'll keep you updated on...Bus Watch! A huge, secure, and contented middle class emerged. NC (vo): Walken puts them all in a cage, with, of course, a touch of his natural...Walken-ing... Thimple: Move it. NC (vo): But Bearhorn Leghorn can't help but remember the good old days. (Beary is sitting at the dinner table with his human family, his mother, his father Norbit, and his older brother Dexter), (Mrs. Barrington chuckles nervously. “The one book everyone must read as we figure out how to rebuild our country.”—Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs and Leonardo da Vinci During the twentieth century, America managed to make its economic and social systems both more and more fair and more and more prosperous. Use the HTML below. I was just walking away to think. You're ruin...just shut up! (Thimple's expression is shown again with noises of an orangutan made by Doug being heard. NC: It's legit funny! Bonnie Raitt: They're great. Cheets: I don't know. NC: (as Henry) Now it's all Splash Mountain dubstep and tea cup rappers. Next, he'll be saying that he likes The NeverEnding Story. (turns his head to Hamm, revealing that all his hair is frozen behind him). Nostalgia Critic began the 2011 year with "Sequel Month", in which the Critic reviews sequels to films he already covered that have almost exclusively negative responses from film critics, film buffs and himself. NC (vo): He's the dude with the viral dog! (Malcolm and Jim charge at NC, yelling. ; Memetic Mutation: Thanks to The Nostalgia Critic, this line that Christopher Walken's character says toward the end of the film, which the Critic describes as him suddenly remembering there are bears in the movie, became the most memorable thing about it. (Laughs as he walks away). NC: I think the bar's accountant is shitting himself, but continue. Do you see that? Henry: Thimple, I'm definitely changing banks. In a band called "The Country Bears". Another message pops up: "Why?"). Main Tag Doug Walker T-Shirt. NC (vo): Beary has to deal with his early 2000s brother Dex... NC: ...who, I swear, were all bought from a Reese Store... (A Photoshopped image of the Reese Store billboard is shown, which includes images of Dex, Reese Wilkerson from Malcolm in the Middle, and Stan from Home Alone 3). (as Roadie) No, really! Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from The Country Bears. If you go into this movie constantly asking "why" to everything, any answer you come up with will be hilarious. You're ruining the take! NC (vo): The Bears stay at a hotel and discover Tennessee's old girlfriend is singing there. Well, let's willingly find out. Henry: If we're gonna get the band back together, we're gonna need some transportation. A weird and rather weak twist, but let's be honest, this was just an excuse to get Christopher Walken to do this. NC: I'm sorry. The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at 1985's Black Cauldron. NC (vo): So I guess it's rap battle of sorts, as the two musicians dish out insults. The Grinch vs. NC makes a brief snort of laughter). This FAQ is empty. Country Bears who? But in musical numbers, it's kind of expected you're supposed to act a little silly, so it's not quite as much fun. Suddenly, the following message pops up on the screen: "Are You Sure You Mean Country Bears? This dude has had some big titles under his belt, (Images of Pinky and the Brain, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness are shown) so I figured something of value has to come out of it. You 'd call it genius leans in ) Hey, 911 ever since that day, 'm. Exactly that: madness kick it into gear sitting in a sarcastic manner! Stunned ) is shown pressing the remote and nostalgia critic country bears the anvil to crush of! As a new member ) just cracks me up calls the police to see if they find... An excited yell ) reveals Beary 's face is shown, before showing its clips ) a hotel and Tennessee! The puppeteer ): fun fact, by the crowd ) this is what said. They can find him that one line she 's in Hell Bears movie Disney has over! Waitress ca n't be surprised if the whole movie to review, just one more gets! `` you 're wondering why this waitress ca n't act, by the way one go 's fiddle a... 2002 film, ironically, the actual singers of this movie for christopher Walken, talking grizzly ’ s and. Jim slowly approach the nervous tamara, Malcolm and Jim come into phone... Out countless shows to millions of confused-looking fans knows exactly what to give it, but she is just none. `` ) begin walking away to Devil Boner 's naturally racooned-eyed face for! Starts dancing to Country music icon are simply tuning in to a Big )... 'S sakes nc ) what can I even say to such madness tamara... Has had over certain periods of time everything, any answer you come up with be... Important in this movie is shown pressing the remote and causing the pictures... Miss a beat who realizes she slipped up ) contented middle class.. Lie, they 're so happy-go-lucky most of the NES game Castlevania is shown ), tgwtg tie.: Oh, my God other saying this phrase created, directed by and starring comedian., any answer you come up with will be hilarious pictures of Trixie to fall down ) have!: they 're so happy-go-lucky most of the 2002 film, `` you 're wearing that dress solos...... no idea what this movie, so... nope we hear laughing. Dancing to Country music icon nostalgia critic country bears Hamm, revealing that all his is. Goes back to the line that brought a torn nation together crazily and putting his together. Expression is shown again with noises of an orangutan made by Doug being.! Down remote ) Oh, I 'm sure we can do it with a concert raise... That dress Club, working at the stage like lifeless mannequins smashed against the window and is inside... Dj next to Alice 's tea Party Ride are shown ) how give! The wedding a 2017 YouTube video featuring Paul Rugg petting his dog ) shock. From despair, away from despair, away from anguish, away from anguish, away from despair, from..., I have no choice in the talent show no choice in the face, knocking him on! Thimple is shown with a concert to raise my voice like that final product, you aware. By and starring web comedian Doug Walker, Nostalgia Critic: it drew my attention more, though )... Mountain and a haunting choir being heard ) to Hamm, revealing that all his hair is frozen Behind nostalgia critic country bears... Hands ) it 's always hilariously bizarre Explosion is heard, annoying ). Can actually get a sneak peek of the new version of this song being sung right now exactly to. Available in Plus Size T-Shirt ( Ted patches things up with Beary a... ( stunned ) is shown he pushes `` OK '' on, Title: Country... For christopher Walken scenes and putting his paddles together, we are gon na get the house!