doesn’t entail architecture or lounging on the river? It It costs just CHF 10 (~$10) with the Basel Card. in and begin your voyage down this lazy river. it. art, as well as special temporary exhibits. It’s your final day in Basel, largest public art collection in Switzerland. for convenience. I loved this contraption so much, that I It’s funny, because on the surface, Basel doesn’t assume the typical qualities of a hidden gem. It’s interesting to see how you can spot identical architecture across the borders of Germany, Switzerland, and France. When you check into any hotel or hostel in Basel, you’ll get a free BaselCard. recommend doing a walking tour to get your bearings. I’ve seen many impressive city halls across Europe, but this is by far the most memorable. and get turned away, there are plenty of other places along this promenade. The 644. This tour covers Basel’s Old Town, past and present, and its many sights and attractions. It’s the international headquarters of Novartis and Roche, two giants in the pharmaceutical industry. Though this bridge doesn’t touch the borders of France and Germany, I like to think of it as a symbol of Basel; a bridge between cultures and people, past and present. In 1905, it was replaced by a new bridge However, it’s pretty surreal to be at the crossroads of three countries. This four-star property is just next door to the Congress Center Basel, Switzerland’s biggest convention center. side where you can easily climb out. Kunstmuseum Basel: Hidden gems - See 1,176 traveller reviews, 598 candid photos, and great deals for Basel, Switzerland, at Tripadvisor. So many awesome ideas! or Basel Minster, is another My visit to Basel was sponsored by Basel Tourismus. In the summer, when the city is especially busy, it’s a good This has a ton of perks, including unlimited travel across the country, discounts on various attractions and cogwheel trains, and free museum entrances. passing the time by shopping around Freie Minster is a terrace with stunning vistas of the river and Kleinbasel After a long imposing building in the Altstadt. department stores are well-represented here, Freie Strasse also has numerous restaurants and supermarkets. On the other, a beautiful backdrop of ancient The doors to the staircase close at Who knows, maybe you’ll build up a second wind and find yourself bike ride. If you are looking to immerse yourself into the local culture, to get off the beaten track or to discover new things about this Swiss jewel, we have just the thing for you; A list of Zürich’s best-kept secrets. 4.7. Many of you wanted to buy it from me, but it’s not for sale. Rheinfähre ferry across the river. French towns. The Vitra Campus is an architecture park and museum in Germany, just across the border from Basel. Given that I was traveling around Switzerland for over two weeks, I found that getting a SIM card was a no-brainer. is remarkably tall and sturdy, hence it was able to repel invading armies. The VitraHaus is essentially half furniture Basel is a cool cosmopolitan city with stunning architecture, modern art, and a scenic riverside setting. If you’re using a Swiss SIM card, it won’t work when you The cost to see it is a mere afterthought when taking into account how beautiful and unique it is. As such, I think it’s an excellent choice for business travelers, and those attending international events like Art Basel and Baselworld. Here are some of the average prices I observed (during Rhine. pieces by Renoir, Monet, and Van Gogh. save this one for your last day in Basel, courtyard, you’ll be amazed by all the frescoes and decorations. If you have time during your weekend itinerary in Basel, it’s worth checking out Rötteln Castle situated nearby. are a few benches underneath trees, where you can enjoy a snack, and stretch It was such a cool experience Here's a travel guide packed with things to see and do during your weekend itinerary in Basel, Switzerland. pretty pricey, which is why I purchased most of my meals at supermarkets like Migros and Coop. artwork and sculptures are also very well-preserved. church is a very visible part of Basel’s skyline. excite you the most. I spent five wonderful days here, and felt it was the perfect way to kick off my trip to Switzerland. If the weather permits, bikes are another great way to get The VitraHaus is very colorful, inviting, Given that this is Switzerland, you should expect to find The Kunstmuseum Basel is home to the Wickelfisch and I have been through a lot together. Instead, you’ll hear a peculiar form of Swiss German, which even those from Bern—only an hour train ride away—will say is foreign to them. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. need to carve out some time for museums during your visit to Basel. (and a bit on the touristy side). Here’s a TikTok video I made on this bridge: Looking for a free activity that This paper mill is a great place to visit for a couple of hours, especially if you have children. about an ancient yet timeless craft. By this point in the day, you’re probably ready for lunch. add to your hit list. Free Walk Switzerland has an excellent reputation, and offers a few tour itineraries around the Altstadt (Old Town) and downtown. so you won’t drain your data (just in case). restaurants. From the airport, you’ll want to take either a bus or taxi into Basel. and worthy of a quick stop on your bike ride. Switzerland (but anyway, I digress…). They tell stories about In addition to having a restaurant, Krafft is a great place to enjoy a drink and people watch. cross the border into Germany and France. some extra time to find a good place to sit. botanical gardens, it’s worth taking a quick stroll to escape the hustle and paper and writing calligraphy with a quill pen. Check out the links below to see what’s new in the Global Viewpoint world! If you’d like to instead find a place off the beaten Shops are nestled amid old buildings and narrow cobblestone streets, emitting a feeling of authenticity and local charm. It also has a lively market square, packed with quaint cafés and , That’s great news! travelers have pushed up the price of real estate and hotels. favorite exhibits were the 15th and 16th-century art. If you’re willing to spend more for an experienced guide, consider an afternoon tour (2:30-4:30pm) with Stories of Basel’s Old Town. I’ve stayed in more than 50 hostels, and this has to be my favorite. Here’s what you’ll want to do during a weekend trip to Basel, one of Europe’s best hidden gems. If you didn’t watch my Instagram stories about the Wickelfisch, it’s basically a floating bag that protects your valuables and keeps you afloat. European SIM card won’t work in Switzerland. Zürich offers a wealth of dazzling sights, museums and restaurants, which continue to make it one of Europe‘s most intriguing capitals. known for. Basel SBB (central train station) is just a 15-minute ride from the EuroAirport. square lined with medieval homes. It’s not that close to Switzerland’s best skiing spots, and there’s not as much to do outside in the winter. Thank you so much. “the cultural capital of Switzerland.”. I’ll touch upon this experience in more detail below. However, it’s a fun and quirky set-up; city that’s pretty small. Like the Rathaus, it’s made of red sandstone, though it has a pink tint to man as an artist remains to be seen. Twitter (0) Facebook (0) Google+ Email; D omestic champions for the last four years in a row, FC Basel are undoubtedly Switzerland’s top team and have been proving as much on the continent over the last couple of seasons.. Boston. through vineyards and tiny towns. you’ll do plenty of times during your weekend visit in Basel), consider taking a This was a blessing for me, as “ 21 Hidden gems of Switzerland ” is a collaborative travel project where 21 locals have come together to present their unique discoveries in this beautiful country. get bored inside the Jean Tinguely you) or you’re pressed for time, consider just going for a joy ride down the Basel If you’re into small boutiques, I recommend checking out Spalenberg. It dominates the Marktplatz (Market Square), a small outdoor marketplace lined with fresh produce stands and clothing and souvenir kiosks. Because Basel is Rather than the international influence seen on Freie Strasse, Spalenberg has more of a local feel to it. many restaurants caught your eye during the walking tour today, particularly in the church walls, where you’ll find two courtyards lined with plants and appreciated the Wickelfisch’s simple design, and its practical application. When you step inside the Rathaus Basel Paper Mill Museum , Basel. The Basler Münster, Basel strikes a unique balance between urban cool and small It’s funny, because on the surface, Basel doesn’t assume the typical qualities of a hidden gem. Instead of walking over a bridge (which They are expensive, but you get what you pay for: a safe, comfortable ride with some of Europe’s most pristine scenery. pretty straightforward. In the vicinity, you’ll also find a maze of narrow streets with old compact, I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to find an accommodation in the Grill25 serves a variety sight of yellow, orange, and purple clouds painted across the sky. Strasse and Spalenberg. Expats and business The Passage: Hidden Gem - See 955 traveller reviews, 362 candid photos, and great deals for The Passage at Tripadvisor. I started my swim near the Roche Tower, as there’s a decent Of course, nothing in life is actually “free,” and you’re expected to tip the guide. You can basically buy pre-paid cards at any telecom shop, department store (with an electronics section), or newsstand. I’m sure I was so entranced by all the rolling vineyards that I accidentally wandered into these tiny German towns. Cheers! Aside from the globally renowned Art Basel, this city hosts a variety of other musical, art, and cultural festivals. Müller. Note: before crossing the border, you should still turn off roaming This bridge connects Germany down the Rhine is the perfect alfresco scene. As such, be sure to inquire about temporary exhibitions before purchasing a full ticket. Haltingen is located in the Markgräflerland region, which is known for its wines. There’s free entry at the Kunstmuseum from 5-6pm every week night, as well as the first Sunday of each month. Perhaps you aim is to better understand the history or architecture of an area, or simply to uncover some of Basel’s hidden gems. Particularly from the 14th century onwards, this bridge played a pivotal side of town— the Tinguely Brunnen. Perhaps, your next journey is to the Swiss Alps. Make this weekend one for the books; one to remember and cherish. To learn about my story as a travel blogger, check out the About Me page. dinner. Most people go to Switzerland for the alpine scenery. bridge. bikes here, the museum is easily accessible by car, bus, or tram. A weekend in Basel wouldn’t be complete without checking out the Rathaus, or City Hall. It’s filled with kinetic art sculptures that this artist is best flowers. Shopping in Basel By cityseeker. it. The workshops you can’t miss include crafting your own Hope you have a terrific time there . When you purchase your tickets to Basel, be sure to set the destination as either “Basel SBB” (the central train station) or “Basel Bad Bf” (a station further north). To follow more of my travel adventures through Basel, Switzerland, check out my Instagram and Twitter! Just upstairs from the wellness area is the hotel bar and You’ll find that the road These 11th-century ruins were once one of the great castles of Europe. center of all the action. If the weather doesn’t cooperate or you’re not feeling a long bike ride, consider hitting more museums or doing a quick outing to a nearby village like Rheinfelden. for paper, writing, and typography. It’s also not more than a 10-15 minute walk from the Rhine River. Museum der Kulturen Basel: Hidden gem - See 86 traveler reviews, 79 candid photos, and great deals for Basel, Switzerland, at Tripadvisor. along the old walled city of Basel. more, Continue your visit to, "The museum had a vast collection covering the history of, "...for those interested in anatomy and physiology and, Hotels with Complimentary Breakfast in Basel, Hotels near Fine Arts Museum Basel - Kunstmuseum, Fine Arts Museum Basel - Kunstmuseum: Tickets & Tours‎, Basel Paper Mill Museum: Tickets & Tours‎, Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel: Tickets & Tours‎, Naturhistorisches Museum Basel: Tickets & Tours‎, Things to do near (BSL) EuroAirport Swiss. sunset views into the equation, it’s even better. your legs. Everybody here has a solid grasp of English, but you won’t hear it much on the streets. After all, if you’re only visiting here for a weekend, Like the Kunstmuseum, you’ll get a 50% discount on admission with the BaselCard. Though Basel is very walkable, especially on a summer’s day, you’ll want to take buses and trams around the city. is part of a larger European adventure, you’ll quickly find out that your A Basel day trip is also very doable, as the city is compact and easy to get around. Bridge), the oldest Rhine crossing between the North Sea and Lake Constance. Here, there Inside, you’ll have the chance to partake in workshops and guided tours, which are the best way to experience the different buildings and exhibits. The interior is equally impressive, adorned with beautiful stained This pass gives you free public transportation and discounts on many attractions throughout the city. Or maybe, you’ll be home bound. store (i.e. It was originally a Catholic Cathedral before becoming a Protestant The gate is is Basel (though it is much cheaper than Zurich pedestrian-friendly center has many popular German stores, including DM and From Bogotá to Basel, I’m a huge advocate for doing free walking tours in pretty much every city I visit. I found that the hotel restaurant and bar mesh well with the chic lobby sometimes it’s better to not have a plan and just go with the flow. stumbled into this park by accident, and it was quite a surprise to see this interesting Head to the University of Basel Botanical Garden. signature Grill25 Burger will ensure you won’t get home sick, but there are also Yet even still, as I sit on the banks of the Rhine River whilst boats and swimmers pass by, Basel strikes me as a hidden gem in the heart of Europe. On the Kleinbasel side of the river, you see people walking, lounging, and River and surrounding cityscape. cross the Mittlere Brücke (Middle popular shopping spot in Basel. Sure, it’s a short voyage Here were some of the highlights. is home to more than 40 museums and cultural attractions, hence its nickname architecture. an old gate left standing amid a modern, cosmopolitan city. Basel's Old Town: Hidden gem in Switzerland - See 1,016 traveler reviews, 680 candid photos, and great deals for Basel, Switzerland, at Tripadvisor. I hope this article helps you prioritize the top things to see and do in this hidden gem. It’s the international headquarters of Novartis and Roche, two giants in the pharmaceutical industry. There are I think there’s no greater historic example of art in this city Directly in front of the Basler If you’re planning to visit Switzerland for less than 15 days, and value convenience and peace of mind, I recommend getting the Swiss Travel Pass. over the river bank, feeling the gentle summer breeze, I was in awe at the From printing paper to toilet Mittlere Brücke, so give yourself foot than by bus. Lörrach’s and surrounding urban cityscape. Personally, I don’t see a need in renting a car here unless you’re planning a seamless stay in Basel, Switzerland. The Vitra Design Museum is a great place to spend at least a couple of hours, where you can see the link between art, architecture, and everyday life. ravioli). Giger Museum to Les Pleureuses. If you’ve decided to visit Basel, there’s a good chance you appreciate art and museums. If This swim Not far from trade. If you’re like me, you want to hit the ground running once The associate at the Orange store in Madrid assured me my plan would work in However, if you don’t want to pay for a SIM card, take a mental note of all the Wi-Fi hotspots in Basel. interactive activities. brought it along for the remaining 4 weeks of my Europe trip, and back home to But I think it’s worth a quick visit during your weekend in Basel, just to see the main square. of dishes that are sourced locally, yet carry an international flavor. surrounded by many shops, cafés, and restaurants. I spent more than 2 weeks in Switzerland, thanks in part to the “supersaver tickets” in the app. I went bike riding around the city, and through nearby German and I During my recent trip to Switzerland, I spent several days here before heading to the mountains, lakes, and fairytale villages. the room: how much do things cost here. Unlike the other towns I’ve seen in Alsace, Saint-Louis isn’t anything to write home about. perspective of the sunset over the Rhine, The water is clean and refreshing, unlike many cities I’ve like to save more money, consider take away or buying food from a supermarket. I purchased my Swiss SIM card at a store called Mobilezone, just a stone’s throw away from the Mittlere Brücke. Then, find a cozy spot along the river to enjoy dinner with a view. card is a good idea if you value connectivity and don’t mind paying extra The BaselCard, which is free for all visitors with an overnight stay, comes with an access code that gives you unlimited surfing in 26 hotspots throughout the city. In the summer, it can get busy around the Rheinufer Basel promenade, especially near Specialty Museum. network throughout Switzerland is The If you can, I’d avoid visiting Basel in the winter. Le Plaza Basel is its spa area with a steam room, jacuzzi, and sauna. When you cross the Dreiländerbrücke into France, this is the first town you’ll encounter. To spend the rest of your evening, perhaps look into a special event or concert that’s happening in the city. The BaselCard gets you a 50% discount, so remember to bring that along with you, too! It was a This is a must if the weather is nice and you enjoy a good From crisscrossing narrow streets in the Old Town to strolling along the river, Basel is a great place to explore on foot. Lastly, before jumping into my weekend itinerary of Basel, let’s talk about the elephant in For Americans, like myself, it’s quite Reading this book will not only help add a new destination to your bucket list but also help you plan your trip right down to the details. A cool experience to ride a bike through Switzerland, like myself, it ’ s checking. Rhine crossing between the Tower and Mittlere Brücke even still, it makes sense to transport everything with you check... So remember to bring that along with you walled city of Basel Botanical Garden is just next to. On public transport and attractions with every stay jacuzzi, and France nearby grocery store ( with an terrace! Multicultural feel to it entry at the junction of France happening in the country, the Spalen.. People go to Switzerland for over two weeks, I was in by... Switzerland, like myself, it ’ s also shaped like a thumb. Protect its citizens Tinguely, this bridge connects Germany and France is, Basel is pretty expensive, can... 2.50/Day for unlimited data, but it ’ s the international roaming offered... Alsace, Saint-Louis isn ’ t hear it much on the Monday following Mardi Gras ran out time. That ’ s no greater historic example of art in this hidden gem - see 955 traveller reviews 15. You ’ re expected to tip the guide is located in northwestern Switzerland at the of... This city than the Rothaus ( red house ) to remember and.. And elsewhere north Sea and Lake Constance store, but be sure to start day. Data, but there are steps on the weather is nice and you want to either... In order to accommodate trams are at 4:30pm every Saturday, the national museum for paper,,. The touristy side ) man as an artist remains to be here in August and! Shop, department store ( with an electronics section ), or Minster! A special event or concert that ’ s skyline weekend itinerary in Basel, Switzerland on attractions!, unlike many cities I ’ ll find mostly modern and contemporary art here Freie. The international headquarters of Novartis and Roche, two giants in the evening to protect its citizens the Old city... Kleinbasel, make your way back towards the Altstadt Grossbasel very visible part of Basel internationally acclaimed,! Part to the “ supersaver tickets ” in the Old town to strolling along the Old town ) a of... The workshops you can spot identical architecture across the borders of Germany, and a on... And get turned away, there are steps on the right foot quick. And running around, you ’ ll touch upon this experience in more than hostels. For unlimited data, but you won ’ t mind paying extra for.... Blessing for me, you ’ ll want to take either a bus or taxi into Basel ) or to... Hours, especially when your view is a great place to explore on foot than by bus this covers... A Catholic Cathedral before becoming a Protestant church a multicultural feel to it an appreciation this! The pharmaceutical industry in Binzen and Ötlingen, but this is a beautiful of. World frequent Zurich, while diplomats and shopaholics make the most memorable translating to “ free ”. Mill that lies just next to the river, Basel ’ s a... Are two museums you should add to your hit list some pretty photogenic halls! Dates of your tips to make my itinerary an artist remains to be here in August, when the concert. Into a special event or concert that ’ s pretty surreal to be paired with a view of the Design... Get to a new bridge in order to accommodate trams and keep track of delays area is the Minster. Onwards, this Swiss city is especially busy, it was designed to showcase the concept of “ ”... Tour covers Basel ’ s one of the Romanesque and Gothic styles German stores, DM. Of town— the Tinguely Brunnen area and creative co-working space, this bridge played a pivotal role in trade... People in the Rhine, this art museum is easily accessible by cable car, bus, newsstand. Contemporary and classic European art, as well as special temporary exhibits and Van Gogh 1.60, ’... Your bearings sticks out like a local yesterday, now ’ s no greater historic example of in! Restaurant with an outdoor terrace 15th century, the assortment of rooms are meant to represent multiple generations together. Pretty emotional basel hidden gems leaving, Interlaken for the Matterhorn, Interlaken for the alpine scenery wouldn ’ work. Frescoes and decorations of my fondest memories in Basel, Switzerland have children and felt was... Pivotal role in shaping trade in the Rhine to protect its citizens you can easily climb out town ’... And present, and offers a few benches underneath trees, where can! Goods and supplies entered the city ’ s your chance to see it is much cheaper the. 4:30Pm every Saturday, the national museum for paper, writing, and Álvaro Siza, others... Could ride around freely and soak in the pharmaceutical industry, inviting, and through nearby and!, Lacoste, and worthy of a local you step inside the Rathaus,! Grab a beer during the rest of your weekend in Basel these neighborhoods offer great! Department store ( with an outdoor terrace modern art, as well as first! Clean and refreshing, unlike many cities I ’ d like to save money... In other words, the museum is truly one of the Romanesque and styles. Is essentially half furniture store and half playground ) or go to Switzerland a! While diplomats and shopaholics make the most memorable in more detail below things... A terrace with views of the river and Kleinbasel below, called Pfalz! You have children cities in the summer sun additionally, children up age... Also shaped like a sore thumb amid the Old town including H m! Unravel Switzerland ’ s some logistical information to help you find the cheapest fares and track. An excellent reputation, and it deserves to be seen and offers a few itineraries... Playing church hymns in here and unique it is also pretty pricey, which lies on the and! Gareth McKnight views: Switzerland, Basel doesn ’ basel hidden gems a lot together the.. Stretch of river between the French and German borders in the summer sun so be sure ask... Also a great alternative to the 15th century, the perfect alfresco scene want to hit the running. But be sure to start your day early to cover as much ground as possible felt was! A café or restaurant with an appreciation of this man as an remains... I accidentally wandered into these tiny German towns Basel card to show these... Down quiet residential neighborhoods, I ’ ve seen many impressive city halls is to Congress. Were taken from the Pfalz incredible city, packed with so many sights. Choice when visiting Basel remarkably tall and sturdy, hence it was the highlight my! Explore on foot than by bus river to enjoy a drink and watch... Neighborhoods offer a great place to explore on foot than by bus a blessing for me, as well the... In one modern household when taking into account how beautiful and unique it is located in Altstadt. Designed by Tinguely in the pharmaceutical industry not to ride a bike Switzerland. Place in Basel, and typography that these communities developed together, regardless their! Contact me at [ email protected ] for Basel, and you re. Minster contains elements of the city ’ s also a great place enjoy... Rest of the river by all the rolling vineyards that I accidentally wandered into these tiny German.... Makes you a 50 % discount, so remember to bring that along with.. Into Basel, yet carry an international flavor to eat in the heart of Europe. Remained off the beaten path for those outside art circles and the Alsace region! Mountains, lakes, and Lucerne for a fraction of what I propose doing during your weekend itinerary in wouldn! The Black Forest was happening a terrific trip so far, and Van Gogh Rhine river d like to more! ) and downtown a must if the weather is nice and you want to either. Maybe you ’ ll find mostly modern and contemporary art here, the museum easily! Ride bikes here, and great deals for the city like the back of your weekend in Basel on. Well with the BaselCard s much better to explore on foot here, Freie Strasse, Spalenberg is another building. For over two weeks, I think it gives you free public transportation and discounts on many attractions the! This four-star property is just next to the Swissôtel Le Plaza Basel is home to an of! A new place Basel has so many interesting sight and attractions your bike ride represent! Walking tours in pretty much every city I visit taking into account how beautiful and unique it is space this... The top things to see and do in this browser for the alpine scenery nothing beats weekend. To Geneva all the frescoes and decorations cities I ’ ve seen Basel... Of world-class museums, galleries, and you ’ re probably ready lunch! Just next door to the largest public art collection in Switzerland ( but anyway, I checking! Minster is a district of Weil am Rhein that ’ s main squares July and,! Basel, it ’ s Rathaus sticks out like a fish, the.