The layout of the original lyrics has been edited. Где твои крылья, Которые нравились мне??? Its popularity was extremely high in the late 1980s in the USSR, and they were well respected in Russia until their breakup in 1997. //-->, Russian Music on the Net © 2003-2011 - All rights reserved, THE BEST ONLINE RESOURCE FOR RUSSIAN MUSIC. Features Other release year and link to Nautilus Pompilius lyrics! Complete your Nautilus Pompilius collection. 3) "I seek for eyes but feel look" - I'm trying to look in people's eyes but they give me just mistrustful or try to keep their eyes on me Gde tvoi kryl'ya, Kotorye nravilis' mne??? 4)" Weak joints" part isn't about alcoholism, but all about soviet gargantuan bureaucratic machine, which spent lot of resources very poorly. But some remarks from author are disccussable and not so correct. As featured on. The email you used to create your account. thx to commentors trying to make it clear. All Russian lyrics belong to the artists The concert “The Last Voyage” and the farewell tour in 1997 put an end to the history of the group. May be it even writed by author of original text like some sort of play with words We had an awesome lesson on Russian Rock, which covered Victor Tsoi from Kino, Nautilus Pompilius and others. See the phonetic transcript table for pronunciation. Translation of 'Крылья (Kryl'ya)' by Nautilus Pompilius (Наутилус Помпилиус) from Russian to English Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Nautilus is a free modern script with smooth contrast. It is song criticizes policy of government but not just of Soviet Unions like everyone thinks-policy of every country 1) Collective responsibility it's when all people of one kolkhoz or of the same organization have the same guilt for aftereffects of drought, for lack of workers, in short for lack of result, phrase "smears like soot" means that CR smeared you all and prevent from normal living google_ad_slot = "7244614048"; I'll make my comment like add on to previous comments and author remarks View: 197 Где твои крылья, Которые нравились мне??? And if a fire starts tomorrow, and the whole building will be engulfed in flames- We will perish without these wings which I had liked... Where are your wings which I liked? Don’t look for special meaning and try to find parallels with biblical history in the lyrics of this song. Where are your wings which I liked? 5)"Here are broken memberships, from them columns are made" - means that free people's relations were broken and we are robots : Transliteration : phonetic transcription of Russian alphabet using latin letters (see also the phonetic transcript table) I esli zavtra nachnyotsya pozhar, I vsyo zdanie budet v ogne- My pogibnem bez etikh kryl'ev, Kotorye nravilis' mne??? Excellent Russian band Nautilus Pompilius with one of their best songs 'Krilja' (Wings) Я вижу - ты боишься открытых окон И верхних этажей. Где твои крылья, Которые нравились мне??? Please support the artists by purchasing related recordings and merchandise. 7)"Here you can play tuba with yourself but you can play just sound off" - means tiredness of people that when you come home you don't have free time and powers that just go to bed Nautilus Pompilius was a group formed in 1978. I find translation good 9) "мера труда это усталость" - не имеет никакого отношеня к пятилеткам. Где твои крылья, Которые нравились мне??? Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Kryl'ya - Nautilus Pompilius on AllMusic - 1995 : Watch the video,