Honomobo container homes are insulated using 2lb polyurethane closed cell foam for their H-Series and range in price from $173,236 to $302,768. not every model available is shown on this site. Below $50,000, your options are extremely limited, but once you get above around $60,000, different styles of houses, different designs, and multitudes of different options start to present themselves. INTERIOR TRIM & FINISH WORK ❖ HOUSE PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED All their homes are certified under local factory-built modular status, which ensures that the home is engineered to meet the local building code where it will be placed. You’re no longer constrained to the factory settings on your home and your potential square footage can jump as high as 2,000sq ft. Take a look. When you get up toward $100,000, your options really start to multiply. Whether you enjoy country music or savor moons pies washed down with an RC, why not relish either, or better, both, in the comfort of a cozy, custom made modular log home. Modular Homeowners 2015 Copyright. We can take many of these worries away by providing a partial or full turnkey service, also offering essential extras such as kitchens, bathrooms and flooring. We are licensed and insured. This number only covers the cost of manufacturing the home! The 106 $ 19,272 + Only. Honomobo H-Series Gallery version: "v1", Modular homes are stronger, can be finished faster and are better than site built homes. Savoie Modular Homes, Inc. Brochure. controlsVisibleOnLoad: true, Company Creates Line of Eco-Friendly Prefab Homes That Start at Under $100K. If you’re looking for a home that inexpensive, modular is unfortunately probably not a good option for you. The best-built modular homes are not just as good as the vast majority of stick built homes they are better built. Modular materials and homes are completely protected in a controlled factory environment. “We do it all From Start to Finish!” Pro’s Edge Quality Homes utilizes high building standards. To allow you to discover the advantages of HUF HAUS today, we have compiled a list of the most thrilling services included in the basic price of your house for you on this page.. Each HUF house is individually planned for you by experienced HUF architects. About | Contact Us | Library | Privacy Policy. Brochure. That everyone deserves brilliant housing. Buy a turnkey log cabin home that combines Amish built quality with modern framing to save you money. Dwellito is a modular home marketplace featuring over 60 modern Prefab designs. Find a modular home you love and reach out to any of our 2 North Carolina retailers for a quote on pricing. While you’ll still get the most square footage by going with Ranch or Cape Cod style homes, the vaulted ceiling and rustic beauty of Chalet homes become available. To get a rough idea of the turnkey cost of a log cabin kit, take the cost of the kit and multiple by 2.0-2.5 (see examples above). Our homes are ENERGY STAR® ready and built to "Green Building standards". volumeControl: true, Average Modular Home Cost. By My Modern Met Team on August 30, 2017. NYS APPROVALS (LABELS & SEALS) ❖ STAMPED HOUSE PRINTS If you did not find the home of your dreams, contact us! shell, shell plus or turnkey finish Modern prefabricated home (flat-pack) cost / prices from £1,450 per m2 for a shell home to circa £2,100 per m2 for a full turnkey - depending on the design and fit-out. A helpful video on what you can expect from modular homes that cost less than $100,000. MONDAY-THURSDAY 9-6 | FRIDAY 9-5 | SATURDAY 9-4 | SUNDAY - HOME WITH THE FAMILY, MONDAY-THURSDAY 9-6 | FRIDAY 9-5 | SATURDAY 9-4 Tiny prefabs with a tiny price tag. North Carolina-based builders Deltec have designed a series of prefabricated homes with sustainability in mind. [CDATA[ Luckily, there are plenty of modular and prefab houses that won't break the bank. Please call with any questions. 400 sq ft. This is a home that you can count on to give you the highest value for your hard earned dollar, built with superb craftsmanship, using top of the market brand names. Obviously, a more complex floor plan will raise the cost, but the Whole House prices on their homes range from $140,000 to over $350,000 . You will NOT be able to get a true modular home using a professional builder for under $100,000. Hours Monday - Thursday: 9am to 6pm Friday: 9am to 5pm Saturday: 9am to 4pm Sunday - Home With The Family These homes are created out of new or used shipping containers and can be large, small, or anywhere in between. These homes, are small, beautiful, livable and modern. //