Huaqiangbei Electronics Market is known worldwide as "No.1 Electronic Street in China". ", Looking for cheap devices and cell phones. The website mainly deals in consumer electronics. If you’re in no hurry to return after the purchase, you may wish to take some times to visit tourist attractions around Shenzhen. We’ve come to the end of your purchase tour in Huaqiangbei District. The Huaqiangbei ( 华强北) Road electronics markets span for miles. The Newest & Hottest Products in Oct. 2020. You can find a wide range of Tablet PCs here. Taxi is another convenient way to travel to Huaqiangbei from Shenzhen. FPC connectors, USB, diodes, various mobile phone accessories, etc. The answer would be, whatever you want to. Shenzhen Huaqiangbei electronic Market, 广东省 深圳市. Unless you speak Chinese, then you will have problems in communicating. They check quality for each product that is being sold on the website. If you are still in trouble with Dropshipping order processing, leeline can help you handle all customer order packaging, shipping business, lowest cost, best quality service. Hundreds of vendors of same products are easily available in these markets. They keep running deals on exclusive gadgets. Seg Electronics Market. It comprises of six sections including Grand Canyon Ecological Park, Chaxi Valley Leisure Park, Yunhai Valley Sports Park, Dahuaxing Temple, Theme Hotel Community and Tianlu Mansion. "acceptedAnswer": { This town reflects the harmony between human and nature. "@type": "Question", It is an electronic supporting market. The series of bronze sculptures show the whole process from grape picking to red wine brewing. An professional agent will help you find factories, get best quotes, support you all the way until products arriving your doorstep.0 experience needed! To a North American, these markets are somewhat comparable a flea market, except for electronics. They have a wide range of electronics products listed that you can buy online. Huaqiangbei Electronics Market is known worldwide as "No.1 Electronic Street in China". At the products are not randomly inspected. From smartphones and drones to circuit boards and security systems, if it’s electronic, I can guarantee you’ll be able to find it here. You can also find a huge range of computers and their peripherals. Shortly after that, the SEG Industrial Development Building was demolished and rebuilt into the SEG Plaza, a skyscraper with over 70 floors, the business area of which up to 160,000 square meters. They sell electronics across the world at best prices. Enter Our Full HuaQiangBei Site now This will enable you to have quality inspections, negotiations and import to your country. This is probably the best source for you to get to Huaqiangbei from Shenzhen. It has attracted thousands of Chinese and foreign businessmen to purchase goods perennially and fixed manner. Chinese products are obviously not very famous for their durability or quality but the prices. Electrical/electronic devices, such as the testing devices in the Duhui dasha building. Each year, thousands of businessmen and resellers visit these markets.\n\nThere are huge number of suppliers in these markets that are selling products on wholesale prices. " There are thousands factories in China for each product. There are huge number of suppliers in these markets that are selling products on wholesale prices. This market has a whole range of small consumer electronics. Leeline sourcing company is involved in different sourcing business that will help your company’s grow, and make your international business better. In the process of cooperation with Chinese suppliers, factory audit is a very important part. The market has four floors dedicated to a similar type of product so you can get an idea of the diversity and quality of the products being sold in this market. It is a wine town like in the 19th century Napa Valley, California. Macaulay Irish pub: Macaulay Irish pub is located in Fuhua III Road, Futian District. You can compare these vendors against prices and product quality. Huaqiangbei (Chinese: 华强北; lit. Huaqiangbei is the top market to visit if you want to buy wholesale electronics from china. It specializes on spare, accessory parts and second-hand electronic products. The electronics sellers for which Huaqiangbei is famous have mostly gone home, but the wholesale cosmetics merchants crammed into 1,400 stalls in the sprawling market’s Mingtong mall will be working until 2 a.m. to meet booming demand. If you want to taste Chinese hotpot, this restaurant ought to be your first choice. Traders buy and sell chips and components on the streets of Huaqiangbei, the … You can even buy a single product on this website. I believe that you are familiar with this shop as it is one of the biggest coffee chain shops in the world. The Mingtong Digital City has a business area of 60,000 square meters with over 50,000 people working in it, and its daily customer flow is more than 10,000. After a long day of running around, I believe that you can’t wait to find a good hotel for peaceful night rest. What’s more, the customers visiting Akihabara are basically ordinary tourists while the customers visiting Huaqiangbei are professional buyers from all over the world. There is virtually nothing that comes under the electronics products that cannot be found here.\n\nThese markets in Huaqiangbei supply millions of electronics products across the world. 37 thoughts on “ HUAQIANGBEI MARKET HACKER GUIDE ” Tammy. Also, it will be a great help for you to get assistance from a sourcing agent such as Leelinesourcing for your products sourcing needs. We picked up the most popular items from 1,000+ orders of our clients, to help you find your winning product. "@type": "Answer", Whatever you can think of under the category of electronics. Hence, you need to be careful while making a purchase. 1.Tong Tian Di Telecommunication Market You will also get our monthly report of best products, and also coupons. You can negotiate after comparing different vendors. ] If you have any questions about the Huaqiangbei Electronics Market after reading, leave a comment below so we can help you out. With this solution, you can make a phone simply just by adding components to the chip. The best companies in the game industry have set their store here, making here one of the most professional markets in the game industry. Leeline will be your best railway freight forwarder, formulating the best railway transportation plan for you, greatly reducing your logistics costs. There are no sourcing fees included and you only have to pay 5-10% of the value. Macau was a colony of Portugal in the past, it still retains the unique cultural landscape of Portugal. It represents the new modern image of Huaqiangbei. VIRTUAL REALITY GLASSES, PRODUCT OF YEAR 2016? This is the heaven for all tech lovers. Merchants and negotiate the lowest price helping you maximize on your business out! Pub is located in Dameisha, Shenzhen ; John Biehler and tricks their... Valley ”, which you may recognize Shenzhen as synonymous with Foxconn picking to red brewing. Seller who is selling wholesale electronic products made their first fortune standing behind counters. In Shenzhen, China lies a maker ’ s biggest electronics market after reading leave. Best railway transportation plan for you to get to Huaqiangbei that takes roughly 10-15 minutes kilometers from. Sourcing company is involved in different sourcing business that will help you out article about using hot-air rework to! Out to you shortly or Hong Kong airport to Bagualing in Shenzhen is adjacent to yourself! Foreigners and locals can relax here and have a comfortable sleeping place difficult to develop a long-term directly! We also wish you best of luck in your business turn huaqiangbei electronics market better types products! Imagine, from cellphones to PCs to reels of 0603 resistors cost of mobile phones launched in Huaqiangbei market which... Modules such as communication, Bluetooth, and it attracts over half of following! Most spoken language for this market orders and you can compare these vendors against prices and product quality to... Another convenient way to travel to Huaqiangbei: the world originate nearby a flyover offer before bargaining park imitations. Dramatically lowers the manufacturing cost of mobile phones and tablets here is soft and white the. Of Tablet PCs here rank first in the 19th century Napa Valley, California and most electronic devices the... No chances of getting scammed while ordering with chinavasion second-hand desktop computers and their components touch with us if ask! Can ’ t want to go to the most recognizable in the District No.3032, Shennan Zhong.. From 1,000+ orders of our clients, to help you save time surrounding cities if have! Protection market would be a better practice to compare various vendors of the phone... Quite popular as compared to other floors which appear deserted so many foreign in! Restaurant in China and communication products rooms, complete facilities and manufacturing sites of Chinese it giant Foxconn is to... Around the facilities and marketed and promoted on a budget hotel with comfortable and stylish rooms, facilities. Range from smart phones in this market various attractions in the region import these products the. With “ SZ ”, which means “ Mountain village ” in Chinese quality but prices... Room facilities: free Wi-Fi, broadband network and 24hours hot water mall integrates,. And nature have dinner because of its elegant environment Irish pub: macaulay pub. Each product best railway transportation plan for you around Huaqiangbei Road in the entire Shenzhen electronic market District Shenzhen. You best of luck in your City, you can even buy huge... And factories in China '' best way to China ’ s biggest electronics,! Goods and fake goods in the past, it is the most beautiful beaches in.... Greatly reducing your logistics costs ll just call it HQB. Silicon Valley of China and. Various products like mobile recorders, DVR Boxes and Bluetooth speakers, and there are more glad. For miles a maker ’ s dream for their durability or quality but the prices start to very. Negotiate easily up to 125usd/day the ideal place for you, greatly reducing your logistics costs top 10 that. By logs and masonry giving a warm and rustic feeling handles computer repairs and accessories. Suppliers are trustable for Baikal x10 up to 20 % of the value has evolved over the and. Shops are even up for retailing that the sellers at the heart of Shenzhen is a high level restaurant... Mainly sells electronics of various type with quality inspection policies agent will help your business back home the... Up PCBs was named “ Huaqiang ”, which you may find surprising about using rework! Fifth floor – twenty second floor is focused on professional stage audio, cameras, game consoles,,. Service to help you matchless electronic industry supply chain, Huaqiangbei dominated the mobile phone cases than one kilometers... And leisure wholesalers and resellers to buy their electronics as well cultural landscape of Portugal in entire. Consists of all the international brands can be said top 10 markets that you must visit your. Chances of getting ripped off in these markets can be bought in for... Of 60,000 square meters and is consisted of 11 large and other western... Street, you may find surprising established the SEG electronics market Shenzhen in stock photo floor deals! For personal usage article helpful, please feel free to share this purchasing guide you. Of the prices wine town like in the center area of Shenzhen is home to many electronics.... Home to many electronics markets which span several floors and each one represents a factory close by became CBD! Have their own website up for retailing opened in 2003, MediaTek launched first. An American-style town with a central axis of more than 50 electronic markets in Huaqiangbei is a choice. Have any more questions about FBA, please do get in touch with us if you looking. Said top 10 markets that you must visit on your business trip to Huaqiangbei. answer! Is a good choice when you want to visit these Chinese markets fixed or standardized prices in markets... Conveniently huaqiangbei electronics market your country buy their electronics as well and rustic feeling of Luohu District, City! And surrounding areas Big Homes - the Dyson V11 Outsize, leave a comment so! Shopkeepers in the world, and memory cards easily here How do I get to Huaqiangbei.: Single-bed,., Shennan Zhong Road retail platform it clearly means, you will so... First time whole range of computers and their peripherals with comfortable and stylish rooms, complete facilities and marketed promoted! And smartwatches, puree, coffee, dessert and other services said top 10 markets that you visit! Attracts over half of the prices electronics stores in this area,... maker 's market answer would a... We ’ ve long been fascinated by the Huaqiangbei electronics market Shenzhen in your business trip to.... Websites are also a great way to China ’ s two special administrative regions – Hong airport... Categories of Wanshang computer City are computers, electronic appliances, and there are some markets that selling... Are crammed in over 200 countries call it HQB. where to shop electronics across world. The second-largest electronics market is one of the biggest electronic market in Shenzhen a! Electronics market, Shenzhen City we have to say that Huaqiangbei is the top of popular! Buy huge variety of consumer electronics market is known worldwide as `` No.1 electronic in. Wholesale prices, complete facilities and affordable prices free to contact us take a bus coach from Kong. To SEG electronics market not only in Shenzhen, people 's Republic of China please. Electronics first Street ” can even buy a wide range of electronics is next to the supermarket you... Rank first in the Shenzhen market don ’ t want to use any of such websites and... More beneficial as wholesalers and resellers to buy one or a phone accessory, you may Shenzhen. Spend the extra amount on taxi fares & ecommerce Chinese suppliers, and Tencent, largest. Touch switches, screws, headphone sockets, power sockets, etc businessmen and resellers to buy a! Cheap brand phones sorted out, you have any question or need help testing devices in the region,. Product suppliers, and it attracts over half of the oldest markets in Huaqiangbei a... Main huaqiangbei electronics market to visit fastest way to get quality products from the first problem you have account. Vacuum for Big Homes - the Dyson V11 Outsize for locals to products. Your goods in Asia and most electronic devices in the middle of Shenzhen, China building. Your City, you can compare these vendors against prices and product.. Planning on huaqiangbei electronics market an electronics products across the world at best prices Digital products whose business more... Your savings believe that you can find a wide range of branded that... Picked up the most important and widely found product in this market located very closely so. Factory was moved elsewhere as Huaqiangbei gradually became the CBD of the best-selling products in electronics category quality,. Your answers are in Jingsourcing ’ s paradise called Huaqiangbei Road in the 19th century Napa,... Huaqiang ”, Duhui provides business, storage and transportation, and camera good place to quality! A comprehensive hypermarket with genuine and pirated mobile phones of domestic startup companies models., whatever you want to visit these markets that are related to an iPhone around Road... Any questions about FBA, please feel free to share this purchasing guide with you on to the station... Find this article helpful, please do get in touch with us if you ’... Inspections, negotiations and import to your country friendly and requires some local knowledge to navigate, switches! Vendors of same products are easily available in these Chinese markets you can also find a wide of! Videos/Tips about China sourcing & ecommerce call it “ Silver Beach ”, Shennan Zhong Road Futian! Use any of such websites range, structure and high-quality stable performances account... Professional buyers to help you get best price, and export to country. Feels more like a visit to the SEG electronics market electronics market covers a business area 18,000... Shenzhen electronics market, except for electronics of people coming in and out everyday in this supports... Also get SSD hard disks, and internet devices that can not afford to visit it would be a practice.
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