1675 Broadway, 22nd Floor, New York, NY 10019, https://advertiser.bankrate.com/campaigns, https://advertiser.bankrate.com/campaigns/home-equity/reporting. If date is correct, move to Steps 9 and 10. Login to the Advertiser Portal and go to https://advertiser.bankrate.com/campaigns What is the next phase of the Advertiser Portal redesign? Separate Campaigns allow you to track and budget uniquely. The offers that appear on this site are from companies from which Bankrate.com receives compensation. Find the best credit cards for good credit applicants, with premium rewards earnings … Misrepresenting the primary language of the site or page where Adiant ad units will be displayed. The Bankrate Credit Card Network maintains high standards to publishers by providing: Experience – We have worked with top advertisers for over 15 years in the credit card affiliate marketing space. Next press the "Submit" button. Click Update Rates link. At this time, only one ad (rate or sponsored) can be created for each product (HELOC, HE Loan). Bankrate.com provides consumers with the expert advice and tools needed to succeed throughout life’s financial journey. Step 3: Click Deposits link. Advertiser Disclosure: At Slickdeals, we work hard to help you find the best deals. Bankrate.com's Advertiser Portal advertiser.bankrate.com Hyperlink Data Pass Feature Simulation: Generate a test hyperlink with parameters appended to the end. Our Advertiser Portal is designed as a comprehensive resource to help our advertisers manage their Rate Table advertising for all their Bankrate programs. Using Adiant Ad units in such a way as to have them render as overlays on top of text, videos, images or other media where users mistake Adiant ad units as editorial content. And checking account providers are expected to take in more than $30 billion in … Bankrate.com is an independent, advertising-supported comparison service. Yes, your Ad Set budget may be higher, but your Ad Set spend across all Ad Sets will never exceed your Campaign budget. Check Effect to Date (located in top-middle of menu bar) 8. Bankrate has moved from a click-based business to a leads-based business and is actually collecting more information about the consumer and that helps the advertiser, Gibson-Fulton said. Once logged into the Advertiser Portal, click on Get Started under Campaign Management Summary then on the link titled Bankrate Advertising Platform (BAP). Read our tips and advice on how to take advantage of and continue to grow your credit score. Ad Sets can be used to target certain states or groups of states for unique tracking and budgeting. 4. Good credit opens up a whole gamut of exclusive credit card offers. (https://advertiser.bankrate.com/campaigns/home-equity/reporting). The Support Team can be reached through the following channels: chat feature: available by clicking on the Green Chat button at the bottom right on your screen. Step 1: Select Institution 5. Customers can see, hear, touch, taste and even smell them. However, we recommend using your desktop to manage your Account. On Rates Entry Page, find the product(s) to update and input rate data in columns below. Click Update Rates tab. Note: by opting-out of this tracking, you may still see Intuit advertisements, but they may not … Please email Support@Bankrate.com. The left-hand menu can be used to navigate to the sub-pages of the POC Portal. 6/5/2014 Page 5/27 android, iphone, ipad, androidtablet): adMetricId: Format for ad metric data: adImpact: Other option: adSpend maxAdvertisers: maximum size of similarAdvertisers array Detection of significant fraudulent traffic as determined solely by Adiant. Advertiser Disclosure. 347K likes. AOL latest headlines, entertainment, sports, articles for business, health and world news. ... Advertiser Disclosure. Bankrate I understand that the IndustryBrains ad formats are unique and proprietary, and I agree to not copy the IndustryBrains ad layouts or designs for use anywhere other than the IndustryBrains service. Bankrate has moved from a click-based business to a leads-based business and is actually collecting more information about the consumer and that helps the advertiser, Gibson-Fulton said. Contact BankRate customer service. We leverage outside service providers who assist us with our marketing and advertising activities. To do this, some of the products featured here are from our partners, who may provide us with compensation. Login to the Advertiser Portal and go to https://advertiser.bankrate.com/campaigns. 3. The Southwest Rapid Rewards shopping portal allows you to earn points toward future travel and other exciting rewards by simply shopping online. How do I get to the new Bankrate Campaign Manager? All of the functionality is available on your mobile device. If you have found the client outside of a freelancing portal, you may wish to use PayPal. All Ad Sets within the Campaign will be removed from the tables when that Campaign budget is met. Bankrate Private Ad Marketplace Its easy to get your message in front of our premium audience. Grants Gateway: Vendor User Guide Rev. desktop (See platforms) Currently only desktop is supported for a non-us countryId. How can I take advantage of the new targeting functionality? In our view, it’s the simplest way to send and receive money online. Is the new Bankrate Campaign Manager mobile-friendly? Program Portal User GuideGuide The Program Portal home page is designed to help facilitate each of these Site POC responsibilities. 1. Login to Advertiser Portal. Share. Use &platformId=mobile to specify all mobile devices (i.e. Distributing Adiant Ad units in pop-ups, pop-under, exit pops or any other non-standard use except where explicit permission has been granted in writing. More than 15 million unique visitors every month. Bankrate, LLC is a consumer financial services company based in New York City. In March, federal regulators encouraged banks to waive their overdraft fees amid the public health crisis. 2. Hippo also claims that new customers can save up to 25% on their homeowners insurance premiums through Hippo. Bankrate's shares began trading on June 17, 2011, on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "RATE." Expertise – We require our compliance staff to have a deep understanding of the advertiser's guidelines. You've already flagged this The sections below will break down each of the Program Portal pages in detail. Password must be a minimum of 5 characters, and must contain at least one number. platformId: platform filter (no filtering) e.g. Clicking on your test hyperlink will demonstrate wether it is properly linking to your landing page. Our views are our own. You can call BankRate at (561) 671-2555 phone number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website www.bankrate.com, or write a letter to Bankrate, LLC, 3801 PGA Blvd. Sign In By clicking Sign In, you agree to have read and acknowledge our Privacy Policy. History. 3801 PGA Blvd., Suite 555, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 We are also working on more robust reporting and we welcome your feedback as you explore the new tools.