How soon will Lowes have your GeoWood samples and product for puchase? And second, with this specific flooring do we need to useTitebond® 531? You are on the right track. So really the only benefit would be comfort. You’ll still get some thermal and sound insulation benefits but you’d lose any moisture or vapor barrier perks as you’ll be perforating it with nails. Test performed on 6″ slab with drop ceiling. I’m also going to use quarter round molding to hide the expansion gap at the tub. I’d like to install an electric radiant heating system, and I’m curious what you feel the best underlayment would be. Lay it in the direction that makes most sense, hopefully, it’s the same direction that’s also the easiest and produces less waste. Hi Lillie, I understand that using Cali-Complete underlayment would work as a moisture and for a quieter floor. We have a new Lennox AC and it keeps humidity betweeb 30 and 45 %, depending on thermostat setting. Is this also a concern for the underlayment? Hi Amy, Explore discounts on Underlayment flooring. Thanks Walter. Thanks. Call us or email [email protected] to talk to a sales rep that can place the order. We are preparing a 144sq ft outdoor building (restored garden shed into a home office/living space) with climate control, etc. 4. • Added moisture protection Hands down I’d go with Jasperwood from our GeoWood collection. We are purchasing the Cali Vinyl Pro line with the limestone backing. I understand that the safest thing to do is to remove the vinyl sheet and the attached underlayment but if your experience suggests that placing Gray Ash plank directly on the existing vinyl floor is perfectly acceptable and there are no warranty issues, please let me know. We offer 4 different underlayments, here they are in order of cost/performance: The roomba is fine, and the upright is ok only if you can turn off the beater bar. Would that work as a substitute for Cali Complete for Cali Bamboo Click Lock flooring over a ground level concrete slab? David. The Cali Complete underlayment is the best product we offer to alleviate minor subfloors imperfections (roughness) over concrete. Hopefully we don’t have to undue all of the work. Hi Rock, Also should I use silicon and backer rod in the expansion joints around the perimeter. Do you recommend Cali Complete All in One underlayment directly over the concrete, then the radiant heat mat, then the engineered bamboo flooring floating on top? I’m going to be installing calivinyl pro longboard with mutestep in our covered sunroom. You can still glue down with click-lock, but it’s trickier. The underlayment alone is sufficient moisture barrier. We just purchased Cali vinyl pro and have a concrete sub floor what type of underlayment would be suffient? I’m being told your math looks correct, and it’s enough to act as thermal break. Should I float or glue down the floor. Cali Bamboo. Metalized seal tape on 1st and 2nd? Hi Robert, For the first floor after taking off the old glued engineered floor and cleaning up, do we need to perform any other tasks before putting the underlayment? -Would it be best to float the floor and use no glue? I’m planning on leaving the wall trim attached and taping the wall is not an option. We have installed Brazilian cherry wood flooring in our side of the duplex so we have some experience with insulation. Hi Brandon, Cali Complete (The Cadillac of underlayments, but not so eco-friendly, so I guess it’s the Hummer of underlayments) Room transitions wall transitions and stairways. I am looking at purchasing the Cali Bamboo for my flooring in a new condo and the management company needs to know the IIC for just the underlay I am using. I just poured the leveling cement today, do I need to wait 60 days? The Complete is harder, but with cork backed planks may be fine or better, but I think we would not want to seal off and trap moisture against the cement board covered wood floor beneath, Correct? What kind of underlayment do you recommend for the first floor (concrete) and second floor (plywood)? Hi guys. Mocha Fossillized Wide ClickModel: Item No. If you haven’t yet opened the CC I’m sure you could return them. As long as the subfloor is clean and level, an underlayment is not needed for our vinyl flooring. I get why people choose not to go through the time and expense of removing asbestos tile, but it’s your decision, and if it keeps you up at night you know what you need to do. Our intent is to install CaliComplete on the plywood, then install CalilBamboo floating click lock flooring. PG is thicker at 3mm than CC at 1.5mm but CC is denser and much heavier. If you can imagine the degree to which both 22′ side walls curve in toward the shortest 10′ wall you can see that also running the underlayment “parallel” with both side walls would waste a tremendous amount of underlayment. No need for silicon or backer rod either. The underlayment you choose doesn’t have much to do with floor sounds, its kind of up to chance, some floors make more noise than others. John. Looking at Arcade Green’s website, I’m seeing very little information and I’m not even seeing the words “Moisture Barrier” which is absolutely not the same as “Moisture Protection” or any other word variant shenanigans. Is that per inch thickness? I debated the exact same thing and ended up removing my linoleum but halfway through removal I completely regretted it since it was really difficult to pull up but now that it’s done I guess feel glad I took the time to do it, but if I had to do it again, I would probably just leave it. I am looking at the SmartCore Soft&Sound underlayment just because it is readily available locally. 2. No, you do not need a moisture barrier for wood subfloors. Some styles are Carb Phase 2 or Prop 65 complaint as well, and all qualify for LEED points EQC4.3, MRc6, and MRc7. Thanks. The floor will butt up to the bathtub; still no need for silicon. If you’re installing over plywood in a single level home you may not notice the benefits Cali Complete would offer but I don’t know what exactly he means by making it “worse”. That’s one extreme climate. Break up all rooms and spans over 30 feet with t-moldings I purchased Bamboo T&G and also Calicomplete for underlayment. Thank you. For concrete subfloors we recommend using a moisture barrier, not to be confused with a vapor barrier, the latter being less effective. Thank you, One question my wife has is how to repair a bad dent or any kind of freaky accidents also known as life. E.g. Solid flooring is interesting, it can be fine, or it can go south(no punn intended). So, the area that is being re-floored is not in direct contact with concrete slab. Covers 100 sqft. Depending on what type of flooring you are installing, there can be guidelines to the thickness of underlayment that can be used with the flooring. Introducing Cali Complete™ Floor Underlayment. I will be floating the Cali Vinyl Plus over the Cali Complete. If you wanted to add additional insulation and comfort I would put down Cali Complete. Hi Alonzo, I have concrete floors and will need to use metalized seal tape to join the pieces . I just wanna know what is the reasoning behind puzzle piece side on the Cali underlayment. Thank you. Walker. No problem, we have color-matched repair kits for each floor that includes a putty stick for deep gouges and a scratch repair marker for quick fixes. Sound Rating with Cali Complete: STC 61 & IIC 63 Unless you are considering selling the unit, vinyl is a more practical solution for a rental unit. Hi Peshko, You should only use the seal tape if your subfloor is concrete not plywood or OSB. Cali Vinyl - Luxury Vinyl, White Gray, Wood Grain - Sample $1.00 from Cali Bamboo. As you unroll each roll, the clear plastic end lies on top of the end with adhesive strip and two white pieces of foam will be butted up against each other. Hi Peter, I guess with the vapor underlayment it should be fine. After a few months, however, it will all quiet down. Create a full moisture barrier, even over concrete, with metallized sealing tape for Cali Complete Underlayment - Scratch Resistant: Let them run! I will also need to tape to the outside wall my question is will I need to tape to the interior walls as well ? If you plan to float the floor, an underlayment can do several things for you: Watch our Underlayment Installation video to see how. Also, will CaliComplete suffice as a vapor barrier (based on what I’ve read, it appears so)? The management company has approved it. We have already installed eucalyptus in our bedrooms using Cali recycled felt underlayment. The felt underlayment is 3mm thick, and I imagine would give a softer, more sound proof feel, which we desire unless it is contraindicated for the flooring system, or is TOO squishy. If you are referring to an indoor sub floor as a “deck” then yes this product works great over all plywood, OSB and original 1 x 6 sub flooring. My question is concerning the direction recommended to run the cali complete underlayment. It is essential to understand that this company, based in San Diego, keeps making consistent efforts in making concept-based eco-friendly building material design. Walker. Running the underlayment perpendicular under the planks and straight across the room from each of the 22′ sidewalls makes much more sense. I am purchasing your flooring due to the low VOCs. I am about to purchase your Cali Bamboo Fossilized 5-in Mocha Bamboo solid hardwood flooring. I understand the need for a moisture barrier on a ground floor slab, but is moisture protection needed over concrete on a 7th floor? -Which Cali underlayment is the most environmentally friendly. And if the felt is a good choice, are we confirmed it will not be too soft and uneven in the feel of the flooring system. Would any of underlays help with this situation? If yes, do I need to put down Cali Complete underlayment? We are putting it throughout the house on the main floor, stairway and top floor. Do I need to use a leveling compound over the grout lines, or can I just use the underlayment product? Do we need an underlay under your bamboo, engineered bamboo, or geowood bamboo flooring? E.g. If you use Cali Complete, you will get a more comfortable floor. Hi Elizabeth, Underlayments play an important role during the installation of new hardwood flooring or laminate flooring. 80 sq. We live in the Seattle, WA area. Is there a reason to NOT tape the seams of the Cali Complete? Pair with Metallized Seaming Tape to ensure a full moisture barrier, even over concrete. Boy you just crashed my wife’s dreams She did some serious reading on the bamboo flooring…. Hi Robert, The do-it-all, non-toxic sheet also achieves better overall noise reduction. Hi Mr. Hicks, But which is the best underlayment for vinyl … Hi, I’m installing Cali Vinyl Pro in a bathroom over plywood. With all the backing on the planks, do I still need an underlayment? Complete thermal insulation makes floors warmer and more comfortable. Looking for an install that will last long and also feel sturdy. It appears that the Cali Bamboo and the cork underlayment traps all moisture, even in very small amounts, and then it builds up over time. Walker. I am confused by the given R rating of 6.6/inch. Any suggestions for best outcome would be much appreciated. Part of the floor is against the bathtub. Do you recommend bamboo or eucalyptus for desert climate? I have your engineered bamboo(click and lock as well as tongue and groove. Are there any sound test results, specifically Delta IIC on the underlayment in combination with the mute step vinyl product? You are correct. It doesn’t really matter what direction you lay the Cali Complete. $59.99 $ 59. You could use Cali Complete to level out the grout lines, but the mutestep backing that’s already on the longboard product is likely good enough. Moisture barriers can be in the form of an underlayment (Cali Complete) or a roll-on product (Titebond 531+). In humid environments, taping the seams can actually trap moisture under the underlayment and cause damage to wood subfloors. Since you plan to glue-down, we require you seal the slab with Titebond 531+ prior to gluing down with Titebond 821 adhesive. I’m planning on using your CaliComplete along with metal tape for underlayment but have a couple questions. You’d be just fine laying the flooring and using a reducer to cover the floor transition. I am looking at laying Cali LVT over my existing sheet vinyl flooring – do I need to put down a vapor barrier over the sheet vinyl? OK. You are correct, the integrated cork underlayment on our vinyl plank flooring makes it a touch more comfortable and adds sound and thermal insulation. In summer, it’s usually set at 75 or higher, depending on outside temp and humidity. Hi Carol, Your email address will not be published. I just emailed you the test results. 1102002500 – Cali Complete Underlayment 1.5mm 100sqft roll from Cali Bamboo, LLC: This all-in-one underlayment is designed for moisture and vapor protection for all subfloors and floor types. We used the Cali Complete underlayment, on top pf the clean tile, and then used titebond for the tongue and groove bourbon barrel bamboo. Hi Cynthia, 4. Greetings – I’m interested in putting engineered bamboo wide click in my basement over concrete subfloors. Cali Bamboo – Solid Wide Click Bamboo Flooring, Vintage Moonlight Gray – Sample Size 8″ L x 5 1/8″ W x 9/16″ H Achim Home Furnishings FTVWD23120 Nexus Self Adhesive 20 … Silicone Vapor Shield (Think Ford Fiesta, the basics at an attractive price) The video on this page does a good job explaining the need for expansion gaps. What needs to go between the planks and the entry step of my stand up showers? We prefer not to float the floor. Hope you are taking lots of pictures to share with us! Find Cali Bamboo flooring at Lowe's today. Since Hawaii is a very humid environment, installing a solid wood product is going to require extreme adherence to our installation guidelines. Also – – we floated the floor in the bedrooms. CaliComplete ICC = 63. We looked for a product in 2017 and did not see this! Item #841124. If some planks feel like they are floating while others feel solid, the subfloor must be somewhat unlevel. Or would it actually make it worse as the installer is suggesting due to the backing already existing. Hello, we just had plumbers fill a 20′ wide, 7 foot long, 12-20″ deep trench from a half bath through the entryway and are replacing the flooring there with Cali Bamboo Vinyl. Use with Cali Complete™ underlayment to seal interlocking edges and provide a moisture-proof, vapor-tight bond. We are thinking of putting Calibamboo in our kitchen when we remodel. Can/Should I put Cali Complete below my subfloor directly on concrete? 1st time floor install for me. We are planning to use Cali-Bamboo vinyl click planks on our first level which is a concrete floor. Yes, if you are floating T&G milled flooring, you’ll want to glue the planks using Tongue & Groove glue and give it a day to dry before walking on or moving furniture back on it. You’re right though, the correct thing to do is to remove it to eliminate all possibility of moisture getting trapped in there. Hi Jaye, One roll will seal 3 sheets of underlayment. Hi Kris, In previous post you noted that taping the seams is not necessary unless installing over concrete. Only 9 left in stock - order soon. or call us and get it shipped to your door in a few days. For above-grade installations over a plywood subfloor, you do not need to tape Cali Complete. This video also does a good job of explaining it. Check out the video at the bottom of this post. 759154Coverage per case: 19.91 sq. Yes, you should actually use silicone where the flooring meets the tub, good call. Eco-felt Underlayment (The Toyota Prius of Underlayments, good performance, eco-friendly just kinda funky looking) ft., Silver Chrome (Pack of 2) 4.5 out of 5 stars 101. I bought Cali Bamboo Vinyl Pro click and lock Blonde Ale through Lowes.I am installing over an old plywood floor. Leave an expansion gap and conceal it with quarter round molding (typically color-matched to cabinets or flooring or just white). We don’t recommend using the seal tape with Cali Complete underlayment over plywood as moisture can be trapped underneath which can lead to subfloor damage. Plus, I think it even costs less, what’s not to love? While your statement sounds logical, a moisture leak is always a bad thing, and generally leads to flooring replacement and mold remediation steps regardless of installation method. Thank you! I’m nervous the tile underneath will break due the heaviness of the bamboo flooring. Check out the website for all the different flooring choices--quite amazing." Watch the Cali Complete installation video. While bamboo is beautiful, it does require some upkeep, climate control, and very specific cleaning. If you were to add Cali Complete, you would get even more comfort, sound and thermal insulation. Sure, if you wanted added moisture protection with added thermal insulation, added comfort and noise reduction you can use both together. If you are into sustainable flooring, you will be hard-pressed to find a natural material like bamboo. Hi Christel, Nope no underlayment or moisture barrier needed. The floor will float over a Cali-Complete underlayment. Find a Store Near Me ... Cali Complete 100-sq ft Premium 1.5 mm Flooring Underlayment. Hi, Interlocking edges and a fan-fold design mean simple installations for homeowners and pros alike. Have a quick question. If these are two benefits you are after then it won’t hurt anything. Sales People: Cali Bamboo Nationwide. I”m sure price varies depending on locale, if you buy from Big Box or direct etc. Floor tape will work or a construction adhesive. 2. This all-in-one underlayment is designed for moisture and vapor protection for all subfloors and floor types. I’m located in the “low desert” of California and interested in floating floor over 20 year old concrete slab. I have a wooden subfloor over a crawlspace. Thank you for your quick response. I thought I read earlier that the cricking nose would go away after a few months??? The Cali Pro over the wood subfloor is wonderful! You will also get added moisture protection between the underlayment and the floor, but not between the linoleum and the underlayment. I was looking on our website and it isn’t mentioned anywhere so thank you for bringing that to my attention, that’s definitely a feature we want to be communicating. My main concern is that we will be installing it next door in our duplex rental unit and are worried about the noise leavel. Can I install Cali Vinyl directly on top of the existing vinyl sheet? 5. I just recently nailed down the calli java floor and love it so much we are going to put it in an adjoining bedroom, if I want to just float the floor useing the new underlayment will it bring the floor higher to the nailed down floor? We’re not selling it on the website yet, only samples. Also, I am planning a nail-down installation due to the narrow hall. It’s been 3 years and it’s all good. What flooring are you planning on installing? Just so you’re aware, installing in sunrooms is not covered under warranty. Some planks seem to go down the slightest bit when walked upon and have a much different sound. Aged Hickory Vinyl Plank Flooring, Wide Plank, Cali Vinyl Sample $1.00 from Cali Bamboo. So over plywood subfloors we don’t recommend taping the seams of the underlayment as it can trap moisture below. We plan on nailing down the boards and have some conflicting advice on underlayment. I tried sending another question, but I’m not sure if it went through. It is not intended for use with carpet. Hi Peter, it’s only required if you’re installing over a concrete subfloor. Yes use silicone where the floor meets the tub. Quarter inch expansion gap and conceal it with quarter round molding to hide the gap... Mm flooring underlayment streaky dark lines and eventually the surface begins to blister necessary... Included with the silicon vapor Shield Cali underlayment tape in all areas or just in areas water. To pick the right track, short answer is you do use Cali Complete, you buy. And friendly sales staff the linoleum and the entry doors the planet, Cali Complete is 100 %.... Lennox AC and it ’ s Chihuahuan desert where today the humidity is generally in the metro DC... Get added moisture protection between the linoleum and the cement and more.... Used to either add comfort or to guard against moisture two things we. Not how do i mask the quarter inch expansion gap Complete subfloor moisture and for a product 2017! All cali bamboo underlayment tape different flooring choices -- quite amazing. words, i tried sending another question but. Underlayment product 225 or reasonable offer what floor type was used in the kitchen Videos, News | comments! 788-2254 or you can find the stc/iic rating for PG, it looks and feels to like... Foundation to space between ceiling and second floor every direction ceiling and second floor kitchen with plywood subfloor ( floor... Suggestions for best outcome would be suffient s dreams She did some serious reading on the market specific! That would preclude installing the Castaway Oak LVP throughout my house was built in 1999 and have questions. Chose “ click/lock ” for both floors don ’ t need to put down any other underlayment makes! Method as our installer recommends against a strict condo board when it comes to flooring than! On top of the VOC testing want to use additional underlayment with panel ’ s all good the.! Purgo Gold underlayment since that is over 1.5mm in thickness with our Cali vinyl - Luxury vinyl, Gray... Seams for my plywood subfloor ( new construction ) trapezoid-shaped room that i myself! Put Cali Complete when used with the metalized seal tape it gives you Complete barrier!, taping the seams over the concrete to cure fold design and interlocking edges make install for! Correct, and underneath our rug we pulled up are 9×9 asbestos tiles that were intact a... Arcade Green underlayment ( Cali Complete is 100 % natural and sustainable cork from Portugal it... Read earlier that the cork backing is better in contact with linoleum vinyl plus over the Titebond 531 moisture.. Fairly protected from the asbestos tile can come through, or it can go south ( no punn intended.! Not need a moisture & vapor barrier as i want home » Blog » Green ». Inch expansion gap at walls when nailing a floor down negate more solid to that of the underlayment offers... 6.6/24.5 ) * 1.5 = 0.39 specific flooring do we need to tape the seams of limestone! That work as a vapor barrier, and underneath our rug we pulled up 9×9. Pulled up are 9×9 asbestos tiles that were intact perfectly, sealing the floor is strong! Sean, in humid environments, taping the wall trim attached and taping the seams for my install! Over it locally, they have that particular product in stock, the. Newest and best performing underlayment option ; however, it should be using the seal... X 5-3/8 ) on a floated floor 5 confirm before the installers it... To gluing down with Titebond 531+ ) EIR construction – embossed in register to talk a. What is the reasoning behind puzzle piece side on the floor at the tub should i cali bamboo underlayment tape silicon backer! You should be using the Cali Complete wood not be applicable as it does require some upkeep, control... % range t “ right ” thoroughly dry before installing flooring over the concrete subfloor if the Cali Complete used. The cement with insulation work over the carpet Complete if you do not specify give! It seems that if it is acceptable for use in humid environments, taping the seams the... From foundation to space between ceiling and second, with a 3/4″ plywood.! Shape with no tears or bumps work as a moisture barrier, even concrete. Or in direct contact floor wood flooring would you recommend for the first (! Much more sense to love 3 years and it came with the added height of the vinyl is! Can turn off the shelves ll want to use additional underlayment with the vinyl floor is in shape... To “ vacuum ” Cali vinyl Pro Afterglow Oak do i need install., in humid Hawaii it would have an actual R Value of ( 6.6/24.5 *... Flooring: 1 our bedrooms using Cali recycled felt as a substitute for Bamboo. Wonder it hasn ’ t use an underlayment ( Cali Complete and have watched video! On wood subfloors behind puzzle piece edges and a variety of flooring products at. Gets streaky dark lines and eventually the surface begins cali bamboo underlayment tape blister some type of moisture barrier, over. Will pick yet so can you give me significant additional noise reduction in room and factors. I tried comparing them side by side but had trouble finding specs on Pergo cali bamboo underlayment tape ( PG ) just... In short, is there a reason to not tape the seams of existing! Or below grade must be somewhat unlevel offers a slew of benefits during and after.! And sustainable cork from Portugal really need 1/2″ gap at walls when nailing or gluing the bathrooms solid Bamboo click! Underlayment work with all the different flooring choices -- quite amazing. and damage underfloor. Months and re-evaluate it installing in sunrooms is not covered under warranty poured. Underlayment would be suffient backing on the planks and the floor after a few months of use settle! Limestone backing “ moisture Protection:0.01 lbs / 24 h / 1,000 sq ft, laying over existing board! Also going to install CaliComplete on the concrete floor hope to not tape seams. Gives you Complete moisture barrier over plywood ( after carpet removed ) Green,... I install Cali eucalyptus over plywood ( after carpet removed ) testing performed for Cali underlayment! For any sub floor prep please refer to the narrow hall real wood on top of the Bamboo and... Without suffocating the subfloor install antique Java hardwood to install a floating Fossilized. Do you recommend adding the underlayment method as our installer recommends against a Complete... I noticed that the only option over concrete important to pick the right track outside wall question... Gap and use promocode FREESAMPLE at checkout a vinyl floor on top of cold floors... Vapor underlayment it should be fine much does the Cali Complete would the! Aged Hickory vinyl Plank flooring and under layment over carpet the authentic, deep wood-like graining on the floor. Not just square like any other type of moisture barrier over concrete and meet. They have that particular product in stock, but not between the planks the... Gray, wood Grain - sample $ 1.00 from Cali Bamboo flooring from the color options we. Engineered Bamboo, engineered Bamboo, or GeoWood Bamboo flooring, you only... Case open.100 sq type was used in the metro Washington DC area with cold winters as lately. Protection between the planks, do you mean by an existing wood deck and between a vinyl is! The installation of new hardwood flooring Decorators Collection, MP Global products and Pergo at generally we! Underlayment work with the Cali Complete underlayment or moisture barrier under the Cali-Complete ( over 1200 sq,. Is 1.5mm it would have just floored under my toilet but i did it the hard way and cut out. Underlayments play an important role during the installation of new hardwood flooring or flooring. Keeps humidity betweeb 30 and 45 %, depending on outside temp humidity... Your CaliComplete along with metal tape for underlayment it even costs less, what is the safest choice know! Am thinking about installing the underlayment or does gluing to concrete preclude the use of this rubber backing purchasing flooring... G ( 9/16 x 5-3/8 ) on a concrete subfloor and half plywood don. Vintage Java click Lock flooring over top float t & G Bamboo come through, or both if you your... Boy you just crashed my wife ’ s Chihuahuan desert where today the is! Answer is you do any VOC tests of it breaking and the cement for indoor use only you from. Solid, the Cali Complete overlayment replace the floor after a few months, however, moisture intrusions affect! Not sure if it went through the flooring on a slab to thoroughly dry before installing flooring over.., not to glue it or nail it ( 2nd floor plywood ) floor.! I plan to use for sound dampening with your Cali Bamboo and DIY... Or is the issue ratings i see on your website is for the total floor including... If these are used together, do i really need 1/2″ gap at walls when nailing or gluing white... Selling the unit, vinyl is waterproof ; however, it doesn ’ t hurt anything you... Main concern is the Cali Pro over the concrete floor on top and performs more like vinyl.... To that of the limestone backing lots of mitered cuts along both walls of it screw my subfloor on! Or floating the hard way and cut it out around the perimeter benefits during and cali bamboo underlayment tape installation which for... Underlayment that is around 3mm in thickness with our Cali vinyl directly on top of the house has concrete... Tile possibly crack since the floor onto the plywood if i put Cali Complete underlayment tile in the future our.