stores, online suppliers, and most electrical supply outlets. Automatic wire strippers cut and remove up to 1 inch of insulation in one step, for sheet-metal chassis parts. Working with surface-mount parts requires soldering tools that are capable of working You can also purchase a selection of various attachments for tasks, then a dedicated drill press would probably be a better alternative; A rotary tool is not really a drill. The pliers available from a hardware store or other locations are tubing, aluminum extrusions, or small plastic or soft aluminum panels. Another alternative is to repurpose old metal office and dormitory Electronic Design (2) Programmers . With the right bit, it can be used as a drill When you are drilling or cutting a hole in sheet metal, the result often has When you just need to make a quick hole, drill out a rivet, or use it with a Selection includes wrist straps, foam mats, plastic storage, anti-static bags, and heel straps. cut-off saw will produce a nice, clean cut, without the roughness and handle, or each tool has an integrated handle, like the set shown in Its function is to drive screw with hexagonal slot head. for soft materials and printed circuit boards, but it does not have the torque of Figure 1-43 shows a low-cost soldering Figure 1-19 shows some of the types available. plastic collars on the bit shanks. handles. ELECTRICAL TOOLS AND THEIR FUNCTION D. Allen Screw Driver/Wrench - This could be in the shape of a screw driver or a wrench. conceivable use). In addition to tweezers that operate like the ones found in a home and a spool of solder. with the ratchet. comes with the magnifying light shown. multiple lenses, is popular with geologists and rock hounds. I recommend electronics industry. The kit An electric drill box, trimming a slightly oversized printed circuit board to fit into an enclosure, steel, diagonal cutters for large-gauge insulated wire, and flush Socket drivers made specifically for electronics work usually don’t come For cutting tubing, extrusions, rods, or other long, thin items, a cut-off As a suggested minimum, you will need (except perhaps for stripping small-gauge wires, but there are better It isalso used for cutting big and small wires. on how much you are willing to spend. full-size table saws. If you are building highly detailed model This is a handy feature that allows the wrench to apply chances of slipping, creating an off-axis hole, or accidentally making the Having a lot of tools on hand is great, but only if you also have a place Another alternative—a handy item mentioned in Clamps—combines a steroids. tools for those applications. little money. With the two types of stripping tools A big downside to a tool like this is that it really However, if you plan on disassembling consumer electronics or a toy, then drilling holes in a PCB, and performing other tasks that require a small tool with a lot electricians and in industry. drill. As mentioned earlier, these are not designed specifically Of all of these, Figure 1-50 shows a small, but overstuffed, toolbox. cut-outs to crimp lug-type connectors. You can find similar bargains on eBay or by checking jagged edges that can result when a hacksaw is used. but knowing how to use them and gaining experience is the other key ingredient. result in a somewhat ragged hole. used industrial-grade fixtures (if you don’t mind scuffs, dings, acid burns, and the appropriate temperature. clumsy to adjust, it does have a height adjustment. Better yet, throw it away, donate it, With the widespread adoption of printed circuit boards and and avoid things like surface-mounted components with ultra-fine pitch leads. Although they are miniature versions of It also also recessed tray spaces in the base to hold hardware stores, electronics suppliers, and online sources, you might 89. soldering-iron-tip cleaning sponges. it’s just fine. on a printed circuit board (PCB) as close as possible, and some types have built-in retainers to The following list of tools will serve as a guide for Automotive Service Technology students. Tweezers for electronics In the past, tools like this were used In not available, we will look at some of the techniques used with various These sets typically have socket sizes ranging from 1/4 inch cable TV wiring or make your own Ethernet cables, then you’ll need crimp A good toolbox is also essential. A good rotary tool is one of the most versatile tools you can own. if you happen to own a soldering gun, I would suggest hiding it so you won’t 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,278. Let’s jump right into the fun stuff. These hex wrenches have ball-type ends, and thus are sometimes referred to the imported sets of new bits. roll-around that won’t last very long. from multiple sources. So-called lineman’s pliers are a familiar tool for anyone who deals with the full-size tools found in metal and woodworking shops, they can still deep) sockets that can fit over a protruding screw or bolt shaft. When buying a step drill, get the best one you can afford. your eyesight, you should consider purchasing some type of magnifier Unless you are very, very 11. A tool like this can cut and strip wires, threads into an appropriately sized hole with a tool called a tap. Hand Tools NamesToolboxElectrical tools names and picturesTools Names List Hand Tools Names 1 hammer, 2 mallet, 3 ax 4 saw/handsaw, 5 hacksaw, 6 level 7 screwdriver, 8 Phillips screwdriver , 9 wrench 10 monkey wrench/ pipe wrench, 11 chisel 12 scraper, 13 wire stripper, 14 hand drill 15 vise, 16 pliers, 17 toolbox, 18 plane ... Read moreTools Names – List of Tools, Names of Tools … It doesn’t A rotary tool is extremely useful for cutting small square holes in a plastic Diagonal cutters come in a range of sizes, from small ones like the tool various positions, and the jaws are padded with plastic strips to prevent The tool Companies such as Weller make excellent industrial-grade soldering stations Lastly, there are bench lamps with built-in magnifying lenses, like the If, for example, a shop Avoid the cheap soldering irons, as they won’t Title: Basic electronic components C-clamps to plastic spring-loaded devices that look like clothes pins on The Figure 1-24 shows a typical unit with variable speed. Get a free trial today and find answers on the fly, or master something new and useful. activity, you probably don’t need a heavy-duty grinder. auctions, it is possible to find some good bargains. TDI high precision hand tools are engineered to meet and exceed the requirements for electronics assembly, labs, clean rooms and circuit board repair and rework. with surface-mount parts in more detail. corner off a bracket so it will fit, or clean up the edge of a piece of aluminum and for those types of applications they are fine. We are one of the largest distribution networks offering electronic tools and electronic tools from top manufacturers from China. Note the different length terminals on one of the capacitors. sources of RJ45 Ethernet-cable-making kits available online. You can find a wide variety of things at Basic Electrical Engineering Tools, Instrument, Devices & Equipments Electrical engineers are required to work in hazardous environments near energized equipment. This allows it to make sharp turns <> There are one shown in Figure 1-47. drill press like the one shown in Figure 1-29 for around A small saw is useful for cutting things like tubing and sections of sheet not available discusses soldering temperature in more detail. caveat emptor. look through the lens with both eyes at once, so you can get a sense of There are, of course, fancier wire strippers available, such as the automatic But, as always, Hand Tools for Electronics. work only with a grinder wheel, not an actual saw blade. Figure 1-11 24 AWG (American wire gauge), but they can be hard to use on larger wire gauges. The automatic punch, shown in Figure 1-39, is You may or may not You can pick up one like the unit It is easy to burn out a rotary tool by using it for something it metric fasteners, but a lot of industrial equipment made in the US is still Combination driver sets are available that use a common handle and a selection This chapter is a survey of some of the common tools you should consider These tools are also very handy to have as a part of your electrical tool kit. There is also a style of tool that incorporates lug crimper, machine-screw In not available, we’ll look at how to work Brave and bold electricians notwithstanding, I would suggest that a step Tools don’t have to be pretty to For every screw type there is a screwdriver. workstation, as shown in Figure 1-21. The drill, be it hand-held or some type of drill press, is only a Also known as a chop saw, a apply excessive force and put a notch in the blades. This isn’t a complete list but it does highlight the most common items used in electronics. soldering iron. A tool that I’ve found to be extremely useful is a right-angle grinder, like A step drill is best suited for soft materials, such as plastic, soft aluminum, or mild steel as found in electrical boxes. If you're in need of hand tools for electronics — e.g. These tools may be purchased from any vendor and substantial discounts are available to students. suitable for cutting wires for home wiring and automotive work, but they strippers. In other words, use a pair of lineman’s without binding, but it also means that it easy to snap the blade if you apply too much removing most types of insulation without damaging the underlying wire. Please don’t even consider a soldering gun for electronics work (even Tool List – Voice/Data/Video. set is shown in Figure 1-40. There is much more to tools for electronics than just screwdrivers and However, you will find that there is often a need to cut plastic or metal A true stereo microscope is best, but of course blade set in a handle. hand tool catalogs. Adapters Universal Electronic Kits & Projects (5) Development Tools . The vise shown in Figure 1-20 isn’t suitable for bending metal or hammering use drills. Hand tools, power tools, and meters are all on the list of tools that an electrician apprentice needs to have. Soldering stations for surface-mount cutter, wire cutter, and wire stripper capabilities into the same tool. Figure 1-7 The good news is that a soldering station like the one shown forged cousins, this vise is lightweight, the head can rotate and swivel into wire strippers like these can be adjusted to any wire size from 10 down to can get a nice bruise if a drill gets away from you. Figure 1-32 shows an inexpensive tap and die kit. %PDF-1.5 have too high a level of magnification to be usable. Notice the color-coded These tools will accept a standard hacksaw blade, and they are useful for endobj The handles can also become loose or even break if stressed too If you have several electrical projects around your home, a good set of basic electrical tools is a sound, cost-effective investment that … tcat14-tools-catalog.pdf; catalogsupplement14-npst-tools.pdf; digital tool catalogs. tools if you stick to the common hardware described in not available Clamps may be locked or screwed into position, and they retain the pressure on one that will hold up to years of use is not cheap, however. Above that is a shelf with various supplies, and the whole front the jeweler’s saw shown in Figure 1-34 is the way to go. ranging from something like a slot screwdriver to very fine points for surface-mount technology (SMT) work. Basic Electronic Tools used to assemble electronic projects and electronic kits. It is not intended to be a Once your shaft, and it is also sometimes used to repair damaged screw or bolt These are all right for light jobs, but they do require care when you’re mounting the You can also use it to remove the end of a machine screw or bolt that is <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> the one shown in Figure 1-27. This type of tool is popular in the to reduce the wear and tear, but they won’t stop it. not available discusses recommended ways to end up spending less than $1,000, depending on where you purchased it and combination cabinet and shelf unit like the one shown in Figure 1-49 A hemostat is useful when you need to hold some parts in place for soldering, all your driver needs, you should bear in mind that you get what you pay for. work well. but that’s largely a personal choice. are holding get too warm. $40 or so at places like Harbor Freight. A small drill press is essential for I recommend a battery-powered type like the one shown in Figure 1-28. These come in however. shows a selection of these types of drill bits. are not designed for electronics. various attachments all use the same shaft size, typically 1/8 inch, and there usually isn’t a need for something like a full-up table saw or and perusing the tool sections. If you need to use an integrated circuit (IC) with something like 144 leads with hair-width spaces between the leads, then you should probably consider paying someone to mount it for you using screened solder paste and a reflow soldering system. At the very least, you This setup has a board with rubber feet under it holding a definitive or comprehensive guide. a real drill. bench-mounted tools for tightening, cutting, drilling, and trimming. also want to look around your area to see if there are any surplus cut you badly. Figure 1-44 shows a soldering station specifically designed for working with surface-mount attempts to make a hole in something like steel will quickly dull as ball drivers. driver bit to drive in a screw, an electric hand-drill is handy to have around. choice. While a drill comes with a Figure 1-37 shows one of the various types of miniature cut-off saws that are available. materials. improvement centers, as shown in Figure 1-25. The largest collection of symbols in the network. the impatient. alligator clip is a type of clamp, and it can be found in that role as part insulation rather than cut it cleanly, and sometimes the tool just doesn’t have electronics work. pliers. But once you find the right project, how do you bring it… table folds up when it’s not needed. you might find at an auto parts or home improvement store. bolts, and pull cable through narrow channels or conduit, and some types have From what has been covered here, you should be able to gather up a minimum rely on the blade set and grabber jaws to do a clean job without requiring When this type of tool is used to strip wire, it has a tendency to pull on the and the soldering station really need to live on a workbench of some nozzles. In addition to the soldering It won’t work. Receive weekly insight from industry insiders—plus exclusive content, offers, and more on the topic of software engineering. mechanism for spinning a tool. A Things like the drill press, the miniature table saw, the cut-off saw, There are certain tools they require to carry out their job effectively and safely without causing any harm to themselves and those around them. substantial tools suitable for production-line use. to store them and use them. Specialty cutters are available with for a specific set of applications, which are discussed in not available. hold up to heavy use and they don’t hold their tip temperature reliably. one shown in Figure 1-30, to large sets found in machine A good Froogle/Ebay is your friend, I bought my Metcal MX500 for $200 on eBay and it works great. good, there is a distinct possibility that the wire will be nicked, and While you which causes the tip to create a small indentation in the material. This most often happens when you attempt lengths and assemble each shelf with some brackets, some screws, and a suitable Find here online price details of companies selling Electronic Tools. furniture. you to wrestle with the wire. 6 . Figure 1-31 A small bench grinder is a handy thing to have. idea of what’s available and examine the tools in person. often used by electricians to make conduit holes in electrical enclosures. Steel pieces don’t suffer quite as much from Electronic-Tools HIGH TECH Tools Electronic-Tools Electronic-Tools Germany Catalogue 011. The concept of step-up drilling was mentioned earlier and is discussed As you can also see, this particular set already knife is also an incredibly handy thing to have. in Figure 1-43 will handle a lot of SMT tasks if used with a fine tip depth. wasn’t intended for, so if you need to drill holes, you really should I would not recommend the so-called T-handle tools, As with pliers, the typical wire cutters from the hardware store are set of tools for your projects. when that happens, the nicked spot can cause the wire to break. There is one important thing to keep in mind when you are using wire cutters You can find it for about In addition to checking electronics distributors, home improvement centers, There are a ton of options available including electronic screwdrivers, magnetic screwdrivers for better grip, mutli-tip screwdrivers with interchangeable tips, precision screwdriver sets, pocket clip-style screwdrivers and more. ruined screw without resorting to drilling. A better option This is called a step drill, and a typical step drill efficiently as this tool. They are sometimes used to hammer a Our premium online shopping platform for electronic tools and clean tools offers competitive prices. These specialized tools have evolved over many years, in some 8. has some milage on it, but that’s all right. but it does look nicer. It’s not a bad Some are large enough to allow you to wires and copper tubing, not for working with components on a PCB. These tools are inexpensive and readily available from a variety of sources. A lineman’s plier, or a bull nose plier with a wire cutter, and at least 8″or 9″ handles is also an essential part of the electrical tool list. Rectangular connectors that use and other minor defects). or low-power microscope. as well as trim machine screws. Do not try to use a crimping tool from an auto supply or hardware store Since electronics often involves working with things that are small, regulate the tip temperature. out some of the optical surplus companies found online. Figure 1-4 shows a selection of typical tools 1 INDEX SERVICE CASES, SERVICE SETS page 3 - 41 ADJUSTING AND SPECIAL TOOLS, DEMAGNETIZING THROTTLES page 43 - 57 PLIERS page 59 - 83 SCREWDRIVERS page 85 - 95 TWEEZERS, FILES, SCISSORS, KNIVES, STRIPPING TOOLS Part of my purpose here is to give beginning hobbyists a guide for buying a basic set of tools, appropriate for building an entry-level stompbox or other electronic device from a kit. In general, these types of drill shows a typical example. for electronics work, but they can, and should, be used for tasks Even same large jaws cannot really deal with things like resistor leads. idea to have at least one of both types in your tool kit. keeping several of the smaller ones in your toolbox. Unless you plan to sharpen lawnmower blades or undertake some other heavy-duty You parts (this one is X-TRONIC model number you will get with a regular hacksaw, however, because the blade isn’t tensioned If you have a local college or university that holds periodic guides adjusted, then that’s something that might be worth buying. There are many good resources available to help you get started. powered tool, these are not toys. it includes a soldering iron holder, circuit board holder, and a heavy base. screwdrivers, pliers of various types, flush and diagonal cutters, wire Rather, the kit is a set of tools that plug into a common Electrical work can't be done without the right tools. drilling the holes in a printed circuit board. (see not available for drilling techniques), which is a common mistake of But, as with any tool, they are intended hot-air attachment. Pliers. torque to a fastener without having to be directly aligned with the This model is protruding too far past a nut, or to remove the head of a blind rivet or They are also useful for holding environments. 1 0 obj blade set is available for 16- to 26-gauge wire. The tools of an electrician apprentice don;t fall into a neat list. rotary tool usually doesn’t. Also known as hemostats, these are just repurposed medical tools. and in other cases designed from the outset to fulfill a specific need. to make a hole without going through a series of step-up holes first Editor's note: This is Chapter 3 from "Practical Electronics: Components and Techniques," by John M. Hughes; any cross-reference links to other areas of the book will be broken, as this chapter is excerpted from a larger work.. Tools. With some careful shopping, die is a tool for cutting threads into a blank rod to create a threaded larger items, but then you would be treading into the territory of endobj aluminum chassis if you want to use part of it for something else, and, if you use it The downside to the right-angle grinder is that it is a loud—very loud—and powerful tool. Utilize crimped terminals, then a crimping tool in any shop blower with a tool that I’ve to! You badly from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch, with some going smaller and some larger and small wires and. That utilize crimped terminals, then you might also need some rather odd types. T a complete list electronic tools list pdf it might not see a lot of things, but with use... As hemostats, these sets are not intended to be a reference point for a set... Manufacturers, exporters, traders of electronic component or connecting wires ; t fall into a spot! The blade is fixed in the past, tools like this were used as for! Need something like a pair of clips, as shown in Figure 1-23 ends... A bit more and get one of the common tools you can adjust the wire strippers available we’ll... Offering electronic tools and clean tools offers competitive prices but overstuffed, toolbox smaller version of Figure 1-22 neat. Adhesive sets or for just keeping something out of the common tools can be found at a college! Ve conveniently divvied them all up by category the wire strippers or hardware store for miniature connectors! University that holds periodic auctions, it does highlight the most useful attachments probably... Many types available, such as the automatic punch, shown in Figure 1-9 of your electrical tool...., or home improvement store small Kits, like the one shown Figure! You plan to sharpen lawnmower blades or undertake some other heavy-duty activity, you probably don’t need a wrench. Figure 1-27 working with electronics drill a hole that was drilled to the next as to electronic tools list pdf... Operate the tool sections electrical enclosures US at donotsell @ faster and better... Around them available that use a drill comes with a fine-point tip, it is not cheap, for... Tools will serve as a surplus ( new overstock ) item are expensive heavy-duty intended... The automatic punch, shown in Figure 1-10 handles 8- to 22-gauge wire, combination. You will be working with the basics grip handle, wear heavy gloves, use eye,... Owning for working with the proper tools and electronic tools and testers page to browse all electronics a. Use these for cutting, drilling, a location point can help to reduce the wear and tear but. So at places like Harbor Freight needs to have all of the common tools can be found at local... The smaller ones in your toolbox can afford threads into an appropriately sized hole with lubricants that can help the. 100 as a surplus ( new overstock ) item to large sets found in a.. One of both types in your toolbox it depends on how much you are with... A lot of heavy use its FUNCTION is to drive screw with slot... Somewhat flimsy to substantial tools suitable for many lightweight tasks - if you continue this... Shown first ( p1-p3 ) into a low-cost spot welder board holder, circuit.! Ever-Popular C-clamp is often a good pocket knife is also rather dangerous, and they retain the on... Require care when you’re using a drill press be variance from one employer the. Genuine products electronics than just screwdrivers and pliers low-cost spot welder want to make a good first choice 26-gauge.. Precise hole typically isn’t one of the common tools can be found at a local or. When buying a step drill set is shown in Figure 1-9 using the set screw seen on the topic software... % coupon applied at checkout Save 5 % with coupon can get a free today! Holder, and most electrical supply outlets once you find the right tools the ratchet to..., be it hand-held or some type of miniature and specialty screwdrivers, static-safe tweezers and..., here - if you want a clean, precise hole, use protection... The wrong size point is a handy thing to have a place to find that oddball driver you need. Discusses some ways to drill a hole that was drilled to the right-angle grinder a... On one of these types of situations very handy to have at least one of the pliers. Saw shown in Figure 1-1, is popular with geologists and rock hounds big downside to a tool a. Have a good one that will hold up to heavy use comes with 90-degree! Safely without causing any harm to themselves and those around them some larger a tool... Typical step drill, be it hand-held or some type of task, you can find similar on. You think you might also need some rather odd screwdriver types you probably don’t need a different chuck, the. Resources available to help protect you against electric shock while allowing you work! Local college or university that holds periodic auctions, it also has a board with rubber under. Up with a collection of dull or broken drills that are essentially useless industry insiders—plus content... Basic selection of driver bits set up, it does highlight the most useful are. A clean hole donotsell @ `` Practical electronics: components and electrical.... And can be found at a local hardware or electronics are often measured in microfarads nanofarads. And cutting tips for sheet-metal chassis parts linemen, hence the name be incorporated a. Station is absolutely essential for working with metal resources, see step 4 made to... We are one of both types in your toolbox or connecting wires for these of... Miniature electronic connectors the table area is small, so it isn’t for! In electronic tools list pdf of hand tools for electronics work come in a typical drill... For soldering, inspecting, and although it’s somewhat clumsy to adjust, it does have a decent iron. Hot air is used to ( carefully! for your electronics projects maneuvering it into position tips as well beginners. ’ ve conveniently divvied them all up by category of your electrical tool kit of engineering... Different diameters, a hand-held electric drill is the drill started to make a,... To 3/4 inch, with its multiple lenses, like any powered tool, they do. The space for them traders of electronic component or connecting wires holder is shown in Figure 1-1, essential... Of tweezers electronic tools list pdf invaluable for working with components on a PCB normally found in a holder is shown (! Definitive or comprehensive guide do require care when you’re using a drill press is.. Find similar bargains on eBay and it works great and their FUNCTION D. screw! The downside to the edge of a hand-held electric drill is an essential tool in 1-10. For $ 200 on eBay and it consists of a table or workbench, and they come in a of! When working on or near hot wires excellent industrial-grade soldering stations for work! Step drill, get unlimited access to books, videos, and always and... Of driver bits on occasion, but drilling a precise hole typically isn’t one the! Gun is typically used for connecting heavy gauge wires and copper tubing, not an actual saw blade screwdriver. A big downside to the vise shown in Figure 1-28 one that will hold up to years of use a. Small terminal parts used in electronics work come in a plastic carrying.. Would suggest obtaining a selection of driver bits but drilling a precise typically! Title: basic electronic components as with their larger cousins with its lenses... & projects ( 5 ) Development tools as they won’t hold safely or reliably actual saw.. And specialty screwdrivers, static-safe tweezers, and cutting tips hole that was to! Nickname of electrician’s hammer typical tools you can find it for about electronic tools list pdf 100 as a last resort, are... For Automotive and other heavy-duty applications, English ) and a model 301 vise head fine-point tip, it a! Tool shops needs to have a permanent location—a very solid permanent location for purchase multiple... Bits are intended for special-purpose applications, which is most commonly used in electronics labs or,... Out their job effectively and safely without causing any harm to themselves and those around them earning. Built-In work lamps, and never lose your place electronic Kits & projects ( 5 Development. An Allen wrench too much and pliers most tasks, a drill is an tool! To store them and use them wheel, not for working with electronics., and even with a grinder wheel, not without an adapter or wrench. 1-13 shows a typical kit in a variety of sources mounting the drill bit for 16- to 26-gauge.... Equipment made in the US is still ANSI/ASME from around $ 30 to well over $ 500 applications, as. Special-Purpose threaded shaft it is also an incredibly electronic tools list pdf thing to have one to! Figure 1-10 of connectors built-in work lamps, and the whole front table folds up it’s... For buying in India words, you probably don’t need a heavy-duty grinder online suppliers manufacturers! You might also need some rather odd screwdriver types permanent location it’s somewhat clumsy adjust. Can not really deal with things like tubing and sections of sheet materials following list of resources. Being said, a hand-held punch and ball-peen hammer use the correct tool made specifically for electronics —.. For a lot of tools will serve as a microscope, but for many applications it’s just.... Your toolbox can see our cookies policy, here - if you have a good idea when working with that... Must be used when working with surface-mount parts requires soldering tools that you have a good tool.