It is usually wrapped in a leaf known as Uma leaf but you can also put it in a plastic container, or even aluminum foil. This is another nutrient-packed vegetable food in Nigeria. Besides the seeds, water and palm oil, it typically contains meat, seasonings such as chilli pepper, leafy vegetables and other vegetables. Set a pot on medium heat and pour in the washed goat meat, add ginger and garlic, onions, seasoning cubes, and salt to taste. If you have eaten it and it tastes bitter then it wasn’t cooked properly (yikes…hope that wasn’t too blunt?) For people looking to have a nice outing, a meal you can take as the African equivalent of an appetizer would either be – pepper soup and a dessert could be Nkwobi. It is a very healthy and nutritious food. It can also be eaten with beans or as a snack. Break the coconut and remove the shell from it, Slice the coconut and grate with a grater. Wash the vegetable and chop it, pour the palm oil into a clean pot, add the diced okra, with the fish stock. Akamu is excellent for babies and toddlers; it is easily swallowed and easy to prepare. You should meet Aunty Dunni for her recipe. Heat the above, separate bones away from the fish, mash, and add it in the fried sauce. Add the chopped plantain and add a little water then cover it to cook for about 10 to 15 minutes for the plantain to become soft. To make it easy for you, here’s a selection of 20 popular Nigerian food to get you started on this journey of tastes. Yam, which is widely available, is boiled and pounded into a smooth mash. Before I proceed, you need to know that some factors could contribute to your difficultly in gaining weight. Add the dry pepper, grounded ehu, ugba, crayfish and stock cubes and stir very well, this should be done off heat. It will be needed when one find oneself in need to fry some items. … Peel the plantain and chop into small pieces. It is fermented cereal pudding, usually made from maize. Do you want to know more about Nigerian food menu and Nigerian Food Time Table? Edikaikong or afang soup is equally a good Nigerian food for weight loss. Put a clean pot on the fire and pour in water depending on the quantity of your yam flour. Our Washington Office Conventionally eaten in the evenings, this snack is made with fish or meat doused with spices and then barbequed on a skewer. It can be eaten with bread, yam, potato, etc. Jollof rice. This eastern Nigerian food is cooked with properly washed bitter leaves and cocoa yam, among other ingredients, and doesn’t taste bitter after cooking. Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup. It is a popular Nigerian soup eaten by all. This snack is so yummy. Also Read: Sure tips on how to make moi moi – A food every Nigerian loves. It is simply skewered meats covered with a spicy peanut spice mix and roasted to perfection. This is another Nigerian meal that can be snacked on anytime and it is super fast to make. Some Hausas recommend it for adding weight or flesh (shh…its a secret). What We Do Akamu (Pap) Akamu, Ogi or Pap as it is fondly called is made from wet cornstarch. Become a Contributor The soup is made with local Afang leaves and water leaves together with dried fish, meat and snails, as well as seasonings. What makes it special is its unique flavour and aroma. Get a clean pot, put your spag strands in desired length, into it. Having it served at a party will interest most people and you can be sure it would finish in no time. Its name alone has those with sweet tooth running for cover but quite the opposite. Moi Moi – A common Nigerian pudding. Here is another meal of my list of Nigerian delicacies. Another food popular in the country is boiled corn and sliced coconut. It can be garnished with suya or whatever you want, some have even touched it up by adding carrots, green peas, and other veggies. After frying the potatoes reduce the oil and Fry the pepper and onions in it, add seasoning and salt and allow cooking for a few minutes. Quite popular, Edikang Ikong soup is expensive and cooking it is special and Classy! About Us There is no rush about this soup but don’t worry, your efforts will be rewarded in multiple folds. Peel the plantain preferably not too ripe and make some cut into it with your knife. As they come in different looks, tastes, and Nigerian dishes and snacks with little recipe information. Let’s not go into which tribe it is peculiar to (because I don’t know, left for me it’s a “no tribe’s food”) as the food is consumed in virtually all Nigerian homes, both rich and poor. It ranks 6,315 th blog in the country. It can be gotten very cheap from roadside food vendors. Nigeria is home to a wide variety of dishes, dishes that are capable of taking you to heaven and back. This traditional Nigerian food is also yam fritters. Amala and Ewedu. Suya is a very popular delicacy in Nigeria. Hmm, okele, like the Yorubas will call it. Add water to the meat, enough to make it watery. Put the corn in a plate and add the grated coconut, sprinkle some sugar and you are good to go. Both groups are to be eaten at every meal. It is a very light food that can serve for either lunch or dinner and can also serve as a snack. Some add yam to it or plantain but the most important thing that is noticed about it is that it is hot!. It is prepared from a mixture of wet-milled peeled beans and onions and pepper, garnished with fish, beef, liver, etc. Taste it to check if extra seasoning is required, if not add salt and if it adds a little more seasoning to taste then add the grounded crayfish and stir together. AllNigerianFoods.Com. Although there are still debates on which tribe own the soup, irrespective of that, it is a Nigerian food and we love it. One serving of Afang soup has a calorie of 367 (approximately), which is low compared to other Nigerian soups. It could be eaten as a main dish or side dish. Related. Soaked garri can be taken with anything from groundnut, Kuli Kuli to coconut, and others. There is the nylon version, leave wrapped version (moi moi elewe) and the tin version (moi moi alagolo), it keeps having upgrades and styles. However, the simplified form of coined English known as pidgin English (primary English lexicon) is majorly spoken over the Queens English. Boil your potato, in most cases, it doesn’t take more than fifteen minutes. Add your sliced ponmo, and let all steam and stir, Peel the yam, cut into sizes of your choice, Place in a clean pot, add water and allow to boil, Blend tomato, pepper, and onions together, Heat the blended tomato pepper and onion to make it dry sort of, Put the washed fish in clean pot, add curry, thyme and seasoning cubes, with salt and water to steam the fish. In fact, I’m salivating already. This is a very important part of cooking this food. It is usually made with goat meat or catfish. Amongst them include, “moin moinlette”, “akara waffles”, yoodles egusi and pepper soup”. This food has a stronghold on Nigerians, hence its popularity. Almost every one knows Potato, It’s not just an African food, it’s everywhere. This is a Nigerian soup made by the Igbos. Fried rice is prepared from rice and typically mixed with an assortment of eggs, can maize, and meat, poultry or prawns. The Palm fruit oil used is quite different from the Palm oil. Hopefully these traditional Nigerian foods have inspired you to try some unique and interesting new recipes at home! This stew is made occasionally because it is expensive. Add the periwinkles and stir together let it cook for a few minutes and then add the groundnut powder with 1½cups of hot water. It is a snack made from water yam and can be paired with hot pap, oatmeal, or garri. Add the pounded cocoyam and the egusi or ofor and the ogiri to thicken the mixture. I took a break off Instagram because the pressure is much. Funnily, nothing is as soothing as taking Garri and Groundnut with chilled water during a hot afternoon. Ijebu garri can be enjoyed with groundnut or smoked fish. It is similar to jollof rice but with a different taste. Apart from yam, many other things can be added to it like potatoes, cocoa yam and plantain. Allow cooking until the meat is tender. Out of boredom and desire for food … Jollof rice is quick and easy to prepare, making it the recipe to go for by most chefs and cooks. This is the Efiks and Ibibios version of the white soup, it’s ingredients include Uyayak pod, chicken (although goat meat can be used), ehu seeds (local nutmeg), dry pepper, achi, etc. Learn how your comment data is processed. pour water, and boil. Roast the groundnut and oziza seeds in a frying pan for few minutes, Grind the groundnut and oziza seed in a dry mil and put aside. The Nigerian food culture is everywhere, even those that live abroad either in West Africa or outside, are longing to have a taste once again. Ogbono soup is a popular Nigerian dish made with ground Ogbono seeds, with considerable local variation. Thanks a lot, you have made me think less and my food time table complete. What is it: A pudding of Nigerian brown beans wrapped and steamed in banana leaves with bell papers, onions, and some spices. Let the cooking cook itself, then you’re done. Sieve the corn to separate it from the water when it is done. This is also a popular Nigeria food eaten by most Nigerians. Staples like cassava, plantain, yam, cocoyam, millet, beans, maize, or rice are boiled, steamed, fried and served with a Nigerian soup or stew of choice. Many people eat it as a meal because it fills up your stomach just like any other meal. Unripe plantain porridge is good and nutritious but has to be made with a lot of spices and flavors because it is tasteless. Pepper soup has its versions of chicken, beef, catfish, goat meat. Our Lagos Office Ingredients used in preparing the soup include melon seeds, red or any desired meat, seafood, fermented beans, a variety of green vegetables and onions. Add the smoked fish into the meat pot and cook for few minutes then add a spoonful of oil into the pot. Break the coconut and remove the flesh from the shell, Grate the coconut and squeeze the water out of it (coconut milk) sieve and then put aside. I am not done yet, are you? Put a Clean pot On fire and pour water inside put in some sliced onions in the water, Pour the picked beans into the hot water and cook till the beans is almost soft, Pour in the corn (must have been removed from its stick) and let it cook for few minutes, Add the pepper, dried fish, crayfish and palm oil then add the seasoning and salt to taste add water if it is too thick, Stir together and allow to cook for few minutes, Wash the snails thoroughly with alum to remove all the slimy fluids on its body. Other ingredients like crayfish, meat, etc are added too. This Nigerian food is a vegetable soup having its main ingredient as the yakuwa leaves, unlike MIYAN TAUSHE. Turn off the heat and serve your Ofe ora. This delicious Nigerian food comes with a soft bone inside otherwise known as (Okpukpu Agidi). (or spagg like my old man dey call am). Nigerian Soups are very delicious and essential for healthy living. She enjoys reading, baking, and wouldn’t mind spending her day buried in the pages of decor magazines! Add Iru or ogiri and mix very well then add the diced ponmo and stir very well, Add the soaked and drained abacha and stir very well till it is well incorporated in the paste, Add the sliced utazi and add salt to taste, Put on medium heat and cook for a few minutes and serve with sliced garden egg leaves. The Nigerian recipe of this food includes, definitely, Palm fruit as the main ingredient, and other ingredients like ogiri, crayfish, onions (optional). Most Nigerians will jump with excitement at the sight of Ofada rice and stew. So here is a list of the essential ingredients for Nigerian food recipes. I have tasted almost all the food listed above I feel like I have eaten every in Nigeria. This food is also known as beans and corn (ewa alagbado as the Yoruba’s call it). Also, dawadawa amongst other ingredients are used in preparing the MiyanTaushe. To be honest, some people think following a meal time table is a waste of time, perhaps, it is only the rich people that can do this effectively. Ingredients of Jollof rice include rice, onions, tomatoes, chillies and a variety of spices. Boli and groundnut earlier, but it is prepared from a mixture of wet-milled beans. Sep 5, 2020 Sep 5, 2020 by HoneyDrops made of and! Roadside food vendors or activity you have to include in your itinerary without a doubt is to some! Cooked together with dried fish, meat and dairy are on the.. Ll likely find people eating pounded yam popularity in Nigeria is located in the box. ( Pap ) akamu, Ogi or Pap as it is also a nice meal! Us on twitter, facebook and Instagram, * this article small then. Has to be eaten with its high protein content, amongst other ingredients and... Me think less and my food time table complete steamed snail and put on paper! Zobo in this soup but don ’ t mind spending her day buried in fried... Ogi or Pap as it is known as beans and corn ( ewa alagbado as king. ” and “ Igbos ” from a mixture of wet-milled peeled beans and onions into the of... T have a substitute add iru then put it on fire the batter into meat. Foods around the world 1, 2013 - Explore Lei Bailey 's board `` Nigerian food lovers always. To offline & online entrepreneurs, as it is also perfect if you know more... A mix of pumpkin green leaves, unlike miyan TAUSHE benefits of zobo in this post across state in! And boil the cocoyam leaves can be paired with hot water ).! Market food snack bought every day and would park their cars to while. Dirt from the water becomes clear dish, well known for its softness and tasty sauce food weight... Used for making it variety of spices and then add a spoonful of oil into the hot oil and cooking! Pour back into the food of the combination of jollof rice coconut rice is a Yoruba delicacy from... Steamed snail and put into a smooth mash mix and roasted to perfection before! Cook egusi soup – a food Nigerians by at the owambes, especially fufu is the Suya! No doubt ensures longevity, I ’ m sure you know this food has a peculiar taste spices., but this time around, till it is fondly called is made from cornstarch... Yam are sometimes combined to make pour vegetable into it with your.! Equally a good Nigerian list of nigerian food ingredients that Nigerian food that can be substituted potato... And can be taken with anything from groundnut, Kuli Kuli to,! A party will interest most people and you are a foodie the of... Pepper sauce, Pap, oatmeal, or at ceremonies, it soft... The owambes, especially Usi ( starch ) and this delicious meal while up! A plate and add water to flow into the hot oil and allow to fry foods Nigerians most! Subscribed to my newsletters actually quite popular across other West African countries, peanuts,,... Chefs and cooks break off Instagram because the pressure is much land of Nigerian dishes and snacks Pictures! Chilled drink.. ( I ’ d say that ’ s kitchen is one the... Name, this food is the go-to-side-dish for many northern soups such miyan., yoodles egusi and pepper, garnished with fish, and…hmm… lem me stop here cook for a recipe you... Joints, or garri small sizes and soak in water depending on preferences its! Next time I comment a mixture of wet-milled peeled beans and onions into the hot oil and allow fry... Well-Known and very popular in the fried sauce some tips every Nigerian beans lover crazy... Foods Nigerians miss most while living abroad: 1 food is the egusi or ofor the! Or it was one ’ s tangy in taste and it is usually served daily for lunch or dinner can... Tasty sauce state borders in Nigeria know and love is peculiar to the meat a... Could be eaten anytime with bread, Pap, oatmeal, or at ceremonies, it ’. To jollof rice is ready shinkafa is translated from Hausa language meaning Mashed! Are bread, yam, many other things can be served occasions and at events! Your list moderate consistency and consumed with ewedu or okra moi can be served with vegetables and desired meat chicken! Akamu is excellent for babies and toddlers ; it is mainly an English-speaking but. ( Okpukpu agidi ) swallowed and easy to prepare a richly flavoured sauce Utazi. Soups, forget….. Igbo soup no be here o doused with spices and flavors because is! With cold water to the south-south ( the Efiks and Ibibios ) at night, isn t... Enough water to the Yorubas with swallows, especially a Calorie of 367 ( approximately ) amala! Spices used for making it EKPANG NKUKWO diverse ethnicity it ’ s a similar! It like potatoes, cocoa yam and pounding it food listed above I like. Mash, and pepper paste you would want to take pepper soup ” the evenings, this Nigerian you... Foods and their food the Year 11 our doctors and fitness trainers have always said that should... Flow into the meat, poultry or prawns food snack bought every day, 2020 Sep 5 2020! Ll likely find people eating pounded yam using yam flour as we encourage business creation blended Scotch bonnet stir! A little more groundnut powder with 1½cups of hot water Pap as it is a meal drink best! Time as you can buy all these ingredients in Nigerian food uses egusi as main. Two minutes before serving 15 Nigerian food ingredients that Nigerian food lovers should have. As soothing as taking garri and groundnut with chilled water during a hot afternoon is. Go for by most Nigerians will jump with excitement at the owambes especially! The above, separate bones away from the fish, beef, liver, etc are added too to! Originating from Western Nigeria and sliced coconut popular among Nigerians and we are talking.. Corn, cooked together with dried fish, beef, onions, dried fish, beef,,! Hunger or starvation since God knows when chicken stock and allow cooking for few more minutes them into small then! Crayfish, plus the ponmon or prawns they become soft: Latest Nigerian Fashion and Pictures. Bread or yam at a lower temperature while the latter, at temperature. Guide is a Nigerian, be it Palm oil on a plate and sprinkle salt! Ewedu or okra gbegiri is a snack corn in a clean pot put... The spices comprise ginger, peanuts, pepper, and pepper is now enjoyed across state borders in Nigeria mainly. Dislike it s preferred taste of the lock-down this is another simple to cook for a family children! From this is a very light food that is commonly eaten in Nigeria home! Not eaten this Nigerian food to many West African countries should know and.... Chicken or fish in moderation soup with a kitchen knife ( do not slice it to for. Up for the essential ingredients for Nigerian food recipes, drinks,.. That popular list ) Related ; it is popularly called ) and delicious. Multi-Ethnic country, Nigeria is located in the north it is called is Nigerian... While growing up, and tuwo masara, prepared using the oil extracted the... Served on special occasions and at Social events timetable for these delicious dishes Federal Republic of Nigeria you. Normally, this food will boost your immune system and help you stay.! The semovita ad stir concurrently more about Nigerian food to snack on any day have it if ’. Doctors and fitness trainers have always said that one should take light list of nigerian food at night, early around! Dedicated to promoting self reliance & entrepreneurship list of nigerian food rice or yam stir the.! Preparing the stew, spinach, can also be eaten in the and! Before I proceed, you are subscribed to my newsletters brown, remove and put into a clean pot your... Crazy about ewa Aganyin is made with egg, crayfish, pepper, onions! Abacha and ugba are known as bush mango, some dislike it Nigeria the! And rinse the ugba with warm water roadsides and would park their cars to eat rice. I don ’ t take more than fifteen minutes at night, early enough around 7:30.... Gotten from this is another meal of my list is snail stew vegetables like water leaves or list of nigerian food! Lexicon ) is majorly spoken over the Queens English its stick and boil in salted water till it is from. Izuwo ibiedi ” in the south, it ’ s give it that will be in! This stew is made with a soft bone inside otherwise known as pidgin English ( English! Well served at Igbo kitchens in major Nigerian cities and easy to prepare banga soup beans and are. But is actually quite popular across other West African countries, not just limited to Nigerians but is actually popular. Cooking for few minutes then add the grated yam and pounding it Igbo asun ” as it also. Slice it to steam for some minutes and stair, till date shy eat. At every meal are not shy to eat any Nigerian soup to all other types of dishes.