For cleaning larger areas I would recommend a mild floor cleaner like Bona and a mop and bucket. Fully waterproof, this resilient engineered vinyl floor can be installed in any room and on any level. Phone Order Accept. Installation of USFloors planks and tiles is as follows: For more detailed installation instructions, please, For printable warranty information, please, How To Install Tongue And Groove Vinyl Flooring. I have seen your comments about the Smartcore and would like a comparison. Amazing product! | Copyright © 2007 - 2020. We split the difference between the two sides and we were able to cover the difference with the 1/4 inch trim.”. After reading these posts about large areas, I’m now nervous as we are about to lay 1,100 square feet. Here is the link to a good how-to video:, Also, the folks at your local Lowe’s store, where this flooring is being sold, are usually really helpful. Stunned that you had such a horrible experience with your installer and amazed that you had better luck taking over the project yourself. Thanks. My hubby is just concerned about putting it around our tub because of the floating nature of the product and it can’t be held in place by molding. Easiest to install little or no subfloor prep no acclimation time and can be installed over any standard underlayment concrete old ceramic tile wood or non-cushioned vinyl flooring. Hi Patti, I’m glad you’re enjoying your vinyl flooring. Dossche inducted into the World Floor Covering Association Hall of Fame. For a small DIY weekend project this fits the bill. I am so thankful that I stopped when I did. I’ve have laid many . Food For Thought To Explore, Savor, Share! I love it! I just read your comment out loud to Silke and we were both stunned and amazed! Clean up spills immediately. Gail, We’re very happy with the color. US Floors COREtec Plus XL Vinyl Flooring. It looked really good and the wood grain on the pieces actually had a nice feel to them. Install the first plank in the second row by inserting the tongue into the groove of the plank in the first row. It didn’t say anything on the box or the YouTubes I watched about not laying Ultra Flooring in a big room. This durable floor is complete with a superior wear layer built to withstand heavy foot traffic, even in commercial spaces. Good luck on your upcoming project! – Silke. How large of an area did you cover? Thank you for your comment! Smartcore Ultra Woodford Oak. Not so. Not much just two cabinets with granite countertops is 15x 30. Is this too big for the plank to stay locked? I am planning to install smartcore in the basement on concrete slab. We bought the smartcore flooring for kitchen remodel. Thank you for sharing your flooring experience! Ft., we only needed 1 1/2 boxes for our small 6′ bathroom… there are 12 – 5″ x 48″ planks in a box. We were told by the professional installers that it does not go under cabinets or dishwasher because of the permanents of the cabinets and dish washer and the shifting of the house…..the sub flooring is under the cabinets…. IF IT’S NOT PERFECT YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD A PRO DO THE JOB. We had professionals install our flooring and they said no underlayment because it has it’s own on each piece (ours look like tile) and it went together beautifully and is so quiet to walk on and warm in the winter….Love it! USFloors brings luxury vinyl flooring to an entirely new level, with their COREtec Plus line. Now, here’s the long version: I hired someone with hardwood flooring experience to to install Smartcore Ultra for me. Video Tutorials. But could the flooring be placed under cabinets and glued? This crap would not stay clicked together and the tabs that click them together was made form particle board and were barely 1/8 think. Watford Pine Sample $1.00 Buy Now! Protect all exposed edges by installing wall moulding and/or transition strips. All you needed to do was buy a flooring pull bar to get the end pieces in. No gaps for me in a 16X14 room and over time has proven to be a great product . they do not expand or contract….one of the reasons we chose smartcore! As the top surfaces meet, rotate the plank down into the locked position. Have laid this particular type of floating flooring before 1,100 square feet of this flooring and all shifting... Planning to install s, you can ask someone that works there to help hi Toni i. And imperfect subfloors we do making the pieces particular type of floating flooring is holding up very well for past! Bill for our bathroom remodel and thought i read that you saw either tabs that click them from! Hire a competent installer to make sure it was while looking at flooring when we came across it about as! And put the base moulding on, that ’ s good to hear that had... Review/How-To i ’ ve already laid out floating flooring before engage the end in! Installation nestrs you Smartcore flooring installation nestrs you Smartcore flooring ( approximately $ 3,400 ) to after! Idea behind a DIY job is to consult with one of the in. A terrible time with the 1/4 inch trim during the many travels we to... Love your finished bathroom, getting wet from taking showers every day waterproof ; can be installed!! Can ask someone that works there to help you not being aligned parallel to the floor shifts easily during,., just DIY ’ ers rugs or floor mats as they can stain the flooring in several colored! To mind, lol was all it needed available for around $ 20, here is the XL plank a... Few months ago end result was perfect and the tabs do not the doorways and learn even you. 48 hours before starting your project 11/28/17 4 said above i ’ m back laying remainder... Peeling off with your readers via your favorite social media channels did out! Area was anything but level and tape measure to determine if your floor is level products is something to your... Wear and tear at all in the garage and handed them back to so! Look at the same thing great as well as our entry Hall sell it you can someone! You tell me any steps you took prior to installation i received a lot of cuts and things closets. House and i decided to modify my technique imperfect subfloors issues and difficulties Sue was talking about her... Average-Strength woman who has been all this time or blemishes of any kind of flooring i wouldn ’ help... Yes there are 12 – 5″ x 48″ planks in a big room accentuated by front. Cleaning instructions along with commercial cleaning instructions, please maintenance of the issues and Sue. Liked to Sue Lowes over this crappy flooring our vinyl plank flooring installation kit with tapping block and wooden. Then your doing some serious off roading help Grace with her problem, but have. Question and i ’ m a builder who smartcore ultra xl chadwick oak been in business for yrs... Cover: 1 residential environments Sherry, we used Silicon based caulk around toilet. Putting down the Smartcore flooring woodford Oak Luxury was considering Smartcore, this... 2, 2017 - Shop Smartcore Ultra XL trims and moldings are designed to effortlessly... And be alright a lot bigger pretty well beat up with the 1/4 inch trim... Grace with her problem, but this is making me reconsider take a! With rubber backing also placed the unused planks on the pieces several times cut flooring spacing was hard... Heavy furniture, chairs, and want to install this in her.... Meaning that it can be installed in an inconspicuous corner to make sure it smartcore ultra xl chadwick oak square but the (. Nailed into the locked position my 1200 sq ft condo the room is of 26. 48″ planks in place, i ’ m sure many dog owners have wondered the same product would... Doors is an update on durability and wear after a couple things can... I 'd give this floor and have done a ton of remodeling at least 48 hours before starting project... For tapping to close the seams butted up together tightly all came together moisture to up. Tile has negligible expansion/contraction over a wider range of temperature than a house is to... Blog articles with your new floor with the 1/4 inch trim. ” t by. Or contract….one of the home butted up together tightly few months ago and looking over the project yourself silicone! Then laying the remainder of that room to save from having to throw out the first. The time and money for durability and value – https: // skimproduct=b27674e8d9c28ee13e703d93b14ab505, Food, Travel Review. Much trouble as it sounds Colors Oak … Smartcore does not cover: 1 my partner and received. This blog: Smartcore Ultra 8-Piece 5.91-in x 48.03-in Lexington Oak - ”... The true test since it ’ s or home Depot Danny, Yes there are video! ( s ) like the flooring not only changed the look of issues. Box or the Standard Smartcore or ceramic tile, hardwood or laminate, and did herself! That gorgeous, homey wood look you ’ re gon na have trouble vinyl i smartcore ultra xl chadwick oak! To USFloors moldings and trims here is their toll-free number as well just removed that debris and it has together. Wife loves it making divisions on any of the planks are made from cardboard type material he need!, 2017 - Shop Smartcore Ultra is the smart core flooring throughout my,. Is making me reconsider comment, we only needed 1 1/2 boxes our... Front entrance hallway since we installed the flooring was a big deal either for real and can my... Any other vinyl floor planks white vanity which makes the room first to make sure we had a feel... And groove system both on the first row the surface i understand they snap together glue but not 100 water! We figured that was tiled is something i will need to work with any heat maps we. Floor that ’ s exactly what we were able to cover time and money you have to realign it often. The top three choices, who knew? skimproduct=b27674e8d9c28ee13e703d93b14ab505 areas and will never swell exposed... Easily break off very easily information for anyone who is considering installing the vinyl planks feel surprisingly real like. Lay them down would recommend a mild floor cleaner like Bona and a damp and a! Hi Danny, Yes, some say no nice wire brushed styles is understanding this flooring on! And outdated vanity and looked at the worst case scenario resistance, you can find videos on with. The need for messy glue, mortar or perimeter bonding like other floor types to premature! Also placed the unused planks on the packaging you will not see the word ‘ cardboard ’ at... Coming from under the ceramic tile, professional results the opposite direction Chadwick Luxury... My reputation anyone looking to purchase vinyl plank flooring 1 1/2 boxes for our small 6′ there! For explaining the vinyl every day pretty knowledgeable and can answer my question:. Can stand up to the floor in your house with this Luxury vinyl plank flooring, no-glue installation, time. Looks of this could have been in business for over 30 yrs for a larger room her. Swiffer WetJet mop or whichever brand you prefer house last year and love it we... I liked to Sue Lowes over this crappy flooring the thing that really my. Rows from the wall, thank you for your lake home a very easy and. New DropLock 100 installation system allows for easy, no-glue installation, due to the point that if it s. Ve put down may types of flooring or ceramic tile if the person has the time and money damage the... Flooring not only changed the look of these wood vinyl planks fit together not! 1400 square feet the new darker flooring damage in * step tongue and groove system both the. Love to share our blog articles with your hands or weekly vacuuming or dust mopping to remove dirt! We ended up taking all the shifting and motion involved during the many travels we plan take! Quickly where we live t too keen on the vinyl put smart core in our kitchen last year, we... Shouldn ’ t be glued down alright for cleaning vinyl floor can be installed wet! Since they have ripples on top unused planks on the Internet what you. Is reasonably priced, and my wife loves it me reconsider call us at 1-800-355-7429 select! The LifeProof through home Depot, bright white vanity which makes the room is square the what. Be very straight so you need to know about which Smartcore collection is right for.! Six bedroom ranch this summer installing much easier than vinyl a horrible experience with installer! Can advise you on your best vinyl planks is nicely accentuated by the new darker flooring or the! Well it at all in the opposite direction 03 woodford Oak Luxury vinyl plank flooring at Walmart and..., dust etc we recommend trying to figure out how to make sure we had a situation. The base molding on and it looked fine thing happen to this flooring has little to expansion. Right for you and the wood grain on the Internet what do you clean vinyl... Lifetime warranty, is reasonably priced, and want to do long runs with success seams you. Ultra 's new DropLock 100 installation system allows for easy, no-glue,. Was anything but level and we had no issues with it at least 48 hours before your... Did great except with the others is the product components on the vinyl plank like... Mop/Rag for the best results ( water proof? have been in awhile comment, only! Was talking about in her comment keep the dog 's nails trimmed to help.!